4 Reasons to Hire Security Guard Services for Your Business


You may have never thought about hiring a security guard service to send security guards out to your place of business. After all, you might think that you are managing things pretty well without security guards, particularly if you have security cameras and a security system in place. Having security guards working at your place of business can have its benefits, though, for these four reasons and more.

1. Help Customers Feel More Comfortable

Making sure that your customers feel comfortable and safe while at your place of business is very important. Having security guards around to patrol the premises, answer questions, escort customers to their cars when they need it and more can help a lot with this. In fact, just the sheer fact that you have security guards working on the premises may be enough to make your customers feel more safe and comfortable. Additionally, taking steps like installing more lighting around your parking lot can help you with making sure that your customers feel comfortable and safe.

2. Prevent Employee Theft

Employee theft is a more serious issue than many people realize. There is always the possibility that employees could try to steal from the cash register, take items from the inventory or shelves and more. This can obviously come at a huge cost for your business. You can help prevent employee theft in a few ways, including by installing surveillance cameras over your cash registers. Additionally, if your employees know that there is a security guard there keeping an eye on what is going on, they might be less likely to take this risk.

3. Prevent Shoplifting

If you operate a retail store, one major concern that you might have is probably about shoplifting. If you do not take the possibility of shoplifting seriously, then the problem could really escalate out of control. Luckily, there are a few steps that you can take if you would like to prevent shoplifting.

For example, making sure that you have surveillance cameras set up around the store is a good start. However, you and your employees might not always catch what is going on just because you have surveillance cameras. Plus, even if you do catch someone shoplifting, you might not know how to handle the situation.

Having security guards working the premises is a good way to prevent shoplifting from being a problem in your retail store in the first place. Plus, if someone does shoplift while in your store, your security guards should handle the situation. This makes things easier for you and your employees and can help you avoid getting into dangerous situations.

4. Prevent More Serious Crimes

In addition to employee theft and shoplifting, having security guards working at your place of business can help you prevent other more serious crimes, too. For example, robberies can and do happen at businesses of all types, including those that are located in otherwise safe neighborhoods. Having security guards on the premises is a good way to prevent these crimes from happening in the first place. If something does happen, then a security guard can help with handling the situation to help prevent matters from getting even worse.

If you currently do not have security guards working at your place of business, then now is the time to contact a security company. Then, you can inquire about how much it will cost to hire security guards to work at your place of business. You can also ask about the other benefits that you can enjoy by using one of these services.


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