Maternity Photography: The Beauty of Maternity Portraits


Having maternity photographs taken provides expectant mothers and parents with an everlasting keepsake memory of this special time in life. Maternity portraits also give expectant moms a way to remember this fleeting yet wonderful time, in a candid, natural or even in a photo journal type of way. The essence of pregnancy, including the famous glow, is captured for all time through expertly taken maternity photographs.

Tips For Great Maternity Portraits

Pregnancy is a powerfully moving experience, especially once a mom and her family realize the profound depth of the experience of giving life to another human being. While for most types of portraits it is simply enough to dress up in a nice outfit and show up for the session, maternity photographs are different. They will turn out to be truly special with some advance planning. Here are some helpful tips for great maternity portraits:

Choose The Best Time For Photos – Usually between 30 and 36 weeks along in the pregnancy is the best time frame for fantastic maternity portraits.

Wear Solid Colors – No overly bright, plaid or patterned clothing. Keeping it simple is best advice for the most effective and memorable photos. Choose an accent piece of jewelry to dress up a solid colored outfit.

If Sandals Are Worn – Be sure to have a pretty pedicure to make your feet look wonderful in the photos!

Choose An Excellent, Reputable Photographer – Do some research to find a highly recommended photographer to trust with taking your important photographs.

Wear The Right Shirt – To highlight a beautiful, growing belly for the maximum effect.

Pay Attention To Background – You can help your photographer to choose the background that is best for your portraits. The usual guideline is to have an uncluttered, simple background. Pregnancy should be the main focus, without distraction.

Thoughtful Poses Help Turn Maternity Portraits Into Works Of Art

Pregnant women naturally possess a beauty that comes from within. There is a serene, peaceful glow during pregnancy. This special aura is best captured through thoughtfully chosen poses when having maternity portraits taken. Some of the best poses for memorable maternity portraits include:

Pose With Siblings – This idea came from Diego Molina Photography. They say, “let them know that they are a crucial part of the pregnancy experience by including them. Have siblings sit near the belly facing mom, or even giving a kiss to the new brother or sister through the belly.”

Sit Indian Style – If mom is still able to get into this position comfortably!

Lounging or Leaning – Leaning on a couch or recliner creates nice photos.

Close-ups – The expected little man or princess is ready for their close-up! Have your photographer take belly close ups. Don’t use moisturizer too close to the photo session time to avoid shininess or glare of the skin.

Yoga Poses – These work nicely if you know some yoga poses or can learn one or two for the photo shoot.

Profile Shots – This pose always produces stunning maternity photos.

Props Help Create Heirloom Quality Portraits

Thoughtfully chosen, meaningful or even whimsical props can help turn basic maternity portraits into heirloom memories that can proudly be passed down to children and grandchildren. The most important thing to remember is to choose props and items that are very meaningful. Whether you choose tiny baby shoes, heirloom family items or even artistic props, the important thing is to make the photos completely your own.

Creativity goes a long way towards making any maternity portraits the best they can be. This intimate, emotional and thought-provoking time in life is a time to be treasured. Beautiful maternity portraits help parents to chronicle this important stage of life, and to preserve fond memories of these days of expectation in the most unique way.


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