4 Unique Items Every Corporate Event Should Have


Strong business relationships are formed through personal relationships. That is why having a unique or personalized factor to your event could go a long way in getting more business deals.  There are so many ideas that people could incorporate towards an event that sometimes it becomes a challenge, but as long as you include some uniqueness to your event, your guests will remember your company above others.

Listed below are some unique ideas on items every corporate event should have.

1- Tickets to a Big Game

One of the unique items for gifting your guests at a corporate event is issuing out tickets. It is very gratifying when you present a pair of tickets to somebody at an event especially if it’s a big game. People are so used to being given branded pens and wristbands such that it would make such a great difference if they received such gifts. For example, there may be a big basketball game coming up which the tickets issued are for, this will raise the adrenaline, and the guests will look forward to attending it. The tickets are something that will linger in their minds for quite some time. Another unique gift idea in line with this could be sending an actual football team to an event for guests especially if the guests have a mutual interest in some particular team. Such an experience will be one of a lifetime and will remain in the guests’ minds

2- Technology

When you are planning a corporate event, having technology should be one the items you consider.  While majority of people have smart phones, it would still be helpful to have larger pieces of technology including tablets or laptops available to your guests.  Events like seminars or annual review meets could be simplified if you had technology available for use with information specific to the topic already downloaded.  You could even use technology to help with registration or as a fun activity during the event.

3- Custom Food

Custom food is quite popular, and displaying it at a corporate event is a no-brainer.  Having cookies personalized with your company’s logo is smart to have as a take-home treat because it will keep your company on their mind.  You can take items you were already having and customize it so it is tailored specifically to your company.  You could spell something out on the fruit tray, or give your food cute names that corresponds to your company or industry.  Be creative, and your guests will appreciate your efforts!

4- Photo Booth

Photo booths are growing in popularity, especially with millennials.  Consider having one where guests can post to their social media.  You can even tailor the photo printouts so it displays the even name or your company’s name and logo.  Chances are guests will display the photo at their home or office which will also display your company’s name without you having to do anything else.

Planning a corporate event can be a challenge, but by adding unique features, your event will stand out which will keep your company on your guests’ minds.  Think of the corporate event as a chance to market everything your company has to offer, and you will certainly succeed.


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