5 Ways to increase your Revenue with a Small Business Loan


The small business world is extremely competitive, so entrepreneurs need to be creative and resourceful to keep their business running profitable. In order to continuously increase revenues, small businesses can get a small business loan and try the following five strategies.

Risk Taking

Many small businesses owners have excellent ideas and available opportunities but limited financial resources. A small business loan enables entrepreneurs to take risks with their newly gained capital. Typical risks include business expansion, building renovation and new commercial partnerships. These risks will entail expensive but necessary business services, such as using an ad agency to target a demographic or a new supplier to create a new product.

Equipment Upgrades

Small business loans allow business owners to upgrade to quality tools and equipment. Even with an ample loan, it is still a good idea to buy lightly used or renovated equipment instead of brand new equipment. Certain equipment upgrades may be tax deductible or reimbursed through government reimbursement programs, such as energy efficient models. For example, a new computer or eco-friendly HVAC system may qualify. Without a business loan to replace key equipment, sales and revenue could slow down.

Building Upgrades

According to RLS Commercial Capital, “Office renovations are an excellent way to give the business a new look and improve the business’ image.” Even better, businesses can afford a new office space in a nicer part of town. This is especially important for a business that is located in a failing part of town. A larger office may not be immediately necessary, but it is a good idea to take advantage of rare opportunities to expand. When relocated, be sure to thoroughly research applicable regulations and zoning restrictions.

Hire Better or More Employees

A business loan may also help with staffing. The main advantage of advertising a great wage is that business owners will attract more qualified candidates that will stay longer and invest more time and energy into the business. Reliable and talented employees will eventually expect a higher salary with better perks and benefits. Only offering minimum wage will result in increased turnover and decreased employee engagement.

Expanded Marketing

A business loan will empower the entrepreneur to either expand their internal marketing or outsource an external professional. Even a temporary marketing budget will allow business owners to quickly establish a solid customer base. Some of the best online advertising resources include Google, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook ads. Although print and television ads are still widely used, they are now not as effective as online advertising.

A business loan can also be used to undercut the competition, decrease debts and improve employee training. If correctly used, a business loan will directly and indirectly improve many interrelated aspects of the business venture.


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