4 Reasons to try a New Restaurant on Date Night


Whether you just started dating or you’ve been together forever, date night is always a good idea. Although you probably understand this idea intellectually, it can be difficult to execute in reality. Life can get in the way at times, and lots of events can interfere with your ability to hustle out the door and squeeze in a romantic evening with your significant other. It is also important not to fall into a rut with your date night routine; after all, when you allow for the unexpected, you attract more excitement into your life. Here are four reasons why you should test out a new restaurant on date night.

1. We Remember Experiences, Not High-Ticket Possessions

These days, research is proving that we are more likely to value—and reflect positively upon—those life experiences that we create. A new restaurant is always a new experience, allowing you to go out of your comfort zone without having to even leave town.

2. It’s Nice to Support Your Local Small Businesses

Approximately one-third of all small businesses will fail within their first couple of years, so this is a crucial time for you to support your fellow community members. Why wait for the reviews to come out? When you and your significant other step through the doors of a sparkling new establishment, you never know what kind of fun will await you. Maybe there will be a new menu item that you’ve never heard of before, or perhaps you will make the acquaintance of some interesting new people that you never would have met otherwise. When you open yourself up to a new experience in just one small part of your life, perhaps other areas will follow suit.

3. You’ll Get to See a New Side of Your Special Someone

As we all know, familiarity can breed contempt at times. When you’re around the same person, day in and day out, it can be easy to fall into behavioral routines. And these routines may not always be great for you—or your relationship. When you see your loved one in a new environment, sometimes it can cast them in a different light. Perhaps that new Italian restaurant will make you realize how romantic your lover truly is, or maybe that new fusion spot will remind you of the spontaneity they displayed when you were first getting together. There’s something inherently thrilling about a new place; you may even surprise yourself and remember some of the traits that made you so irresistible when you first started dating.

4. You Could Become a Regular

“Part of the fun of trying out new restaurants is that you may find one you really enjoy,” said The Gander. In this scenario, it can pay to become one of the “founding” fans of a great new restaurant in your town. First, you can impress your circle of friends and acquaintances with your newfound knowledge about all the hottest new restaurant openings. Next, the owners and managers will recognize your loyalty and probably give you some freebies in return. When you become a regular at a restaurant, you may find yourself receiving special appetizers, free desserts here and there and all kinds of other perks. When the restaurant becomes popular and it’s difficult to schedule a reservation, you know who won’t have problems trying to get in? You. When you’re looking for ways to impress your boss or anyone else, this can be a great way to show off your excellent taste.

With so many great reasons to try out a new restaurant on date night, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get online and discover something new and amazing—or just walk around your neighborhood and stumble into somewhere that looks exciting. It will do wonders for your life, as well as your relationship.


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