3 Ways Cosmetic Surgery Can Improve Your Self-Esteem


Cosmetic surgery is a procedure that has been both hailed and hated by varying groups and people. Some are of the opinion that changing your body permanently through surgery is wrong, while others believe that that choice is personal and completely acceptable. No matter anyone’s opinions, however, there are many reasons why cosmetic surgery can improve your self-esteem and help you live a fuller life. Outlined here are three reasons why getting cosmetic surgery is a good idea if you want higher self-esteem.

1. Body Image Influencing Happiness

Having a distorted body image isn’t necessarily a good reason to get plastic surgery. However, the negative psychological effects that can arise when there is a particular part of the body that is so disliked runs rampant in today’s age. The thing is, when one has the option of changing the ‘disliked’ thing about themselves, then many decide to go ahead with it. This can lift self-esteem because, when you look in the mirror, you see the fixed result of what you hated so much before. This can influence your distorted body image in a very positive way. Because of this, many believe the price of surgery is completely warranted and necessary, so they go ahead with it. Because it affects no one but the person in question, there’s really no reason why others should be offended that this type of self-esteem booster exists in life.

2. Breast Augmentation

One of the main surgeries performed for women, especially in first world countries, is breast augmentation procedures. Some people decrease the size of their breasts, but the more popular procedure is breast enlargement. Many women view their breasts as lacking. Either that, or they see other women whom they envy, that have large breasts. This leads to them feeling low self-esteem when they see their own appearance. Even though changing their entire appearance is not possible, breast augmentation is on the low cost end of surgical procedures. Other than that, there’s also the fact that some people want to change their breasts just because they honestly don’t like the look of them. Not because others look different, but because they themselves want the surgery to alleviate their negative feelings.

Breast augmentation is a very personal choice and leaves very little to no scarring after it’s over. It’s done by inserting saline, silicone, or other implants under the breast tissue. It’s not a complicated procedure and the recovery period is very straightforward. Many women believe the pros outweigh the cons and choose to get this surgery in order to feel better about the appearance of their chest.

3. Facial Plastic Surgery

Barring matters of health concerns or a need to get this kind of surgery, some want it mainly for the benefits to their self-esteem. Many people are unhappy with parts of their face whether it’s the nose, lips, or even the skin, according to Maningas Cosmetic Surgery. Though this may seem excessive to some, self-esteem can be lifted to amazing new heights with facial reconstruction and plastic surgery. Rhinoplasty, a specific surgery for the nose, is scheduled when someone wants to make a change in the appearance of their nose and its shape (or the shape and size of their nostrils). Lip augmentation is also another popular surgical procedure that many women go through in order to make their lips appear larger.

There can be more risks associated with large-scale surgeries that cover more than just one small area of the body. Therefore it’s really essential to be aware of the risks and to prepare accordingly. However, these types of procedures are done many times a day and complications are a rarity. Therefore getting these cosmetic surgeries can heavily affect your positive self-esteem and help make your life a little easier (at least when it comes to your appearance).


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