5 Important Questions to Ask Your Potential Lawyer


Are you looking for an attorney? Going out of your way to find the right lawyer can be quite a task considering they will practically handle your matters in court. Therefore, it is good to be ready with the necessary information in case you need a lawyer immediately. So, before hiring one, here are important questions you should ask.

1- What Experience Do They Have?

Ask the lawyer if they have handled a case like yours in the past. It is important to know as you would not want to deal with a lawyer that has little understanding of the matter at hand. Investigate further by asking where and when similar cases occurred and the results of each to ensure the attorney has a clear picture of the issue.

Getting a well- experienced lawyer is crucial, but it’s essential to know whether the lawyer has previous experience with judges likely to preside over the case. Example, for criminal matters it’s important to know whether the lawyer relates with local prosecutors. Such experience can boost the lawyer’s ability to evaluate possible results of your case and advise accordingly.

Additionally, ask whether the lawyer has any conflicts of interest. For example, if the attorney regularly represents an organization you want to sue, it is likely to bring up conflict. Also, if a co-defendant in your case hires the same lawyer, a conflict may arise. Although not all conflicts disqualify prospective lawyers, it is important to understand the nature of conflict before hiring one.

2- Case Evaluation

Ask the lawyer on the likely outcomes of your case. Your lawyer may not have the correct judgment of how the case will turn out but should advise on the possible results by evaluating your case. Also, get to understand the strategies and approaches your lawyer proposes to handle the case including the expected pros and cons of the same. This information will help you evaluate the lawyer’s capability to represent you in court.

Ask about the legal options available for your case. The attorney may recommend a guilty plea, a trial or a plea agreement. Also, inquire about problems that may arise during proceedings and the aspects of your case that are likely to favor you. It is important to understand your expectations at the different phases of the process including motion hearings and the trial.

3- What Are The Case Management Plans?

When interviewing a lawyer, it is essential to understand what happens with your case in your absence. Knowing this can prevent misunderstanding among the parties in the case. Additionally, ask about their availability to represent you and if anyone else will work on the case. If any, ask to meet them and discuss the matter in depth. Also, ask the attorney about the communication process if you have any queries with your case and how soon you can expect a response.

4- What Are Your Roles In The Case Preparation?

As much as your lawyer will be working to represent you in court, it is important to understand your roles to help your attorney with the case. Usually, you may be asked to present relevant documents and background information. However, your lawyer may ask you not to communicate with witnesses or handle any legal work to avoid disputes

5- What Are The Legal Fees?

Your lawyer may charge you on an hourly rate or ask for a fixed payment. The rate can vary from one lawyer to another hence important to sample a few. You may need to pay more for lawyers with a good reputation. Therefore, it is important to decide the right one based on suitability on your case.

When discussing the fees, ask about the rate and whether you will have to pay for retainer fees. For a lawyer with a fixed rate, inquire what the total amount includes and whether you have to pay upfront. Also, if there are other extra charges, get an estimate of the same.

After a few consultations with lawyers, you can choose one that you feel comfortable to handle your case. Choose a lawyer with the experience of dealing with similar cases and whose fees seem reasonable. Also, consider one that offered helpful advice on how to go about the process.


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