3 Ways to Dress up your Apple Watch

Oh, Apple watch. How we love your apps and how you tell us everything about ourselves. Your appearance, however, leaves something to be desired.

Wearable tech plays an increasingly important role in everything from telling time to tracking macros. With that said, it’s still a screen on your wrist.

Unstyled, smart watches can look bulky and really clash with your otherwise chic ensembles. Some have questioned whether a smartwatch can be considered properly formal. We’d like to accept that challenge.

With a couple of simple adjustments, you can turn your Apple Watch from a fashion bust to a fashion must. Dressing up your Apple Watch is all about accessorizing and wearing your watch with confidence. Here are 3 ways to dress up your Apple Watch. You’ve totally got this.

Step 1. Get a Better Band

Let’s start with that strap of fabric holding the watch on your wrist. There are so many options ranging from *meh* nylon to classically chic and gorgeously designed options. Just check out this collection of luxe straps for inspiration.

First off, suit your personal style. The most important aspect of curating any look is that it’s authentically “you”. The internet is chock full of Apple Watch bands, from charm bracelet styles to sleek metal looks to chic classic leather bands. You can also find bands with beads, vegan bands, colorful styles, muted neutrals – the sky is the limit!

The takeaway here is to pick up a band or two for an instant upgrade to your smartwatch look. You really can’t go wrong with a link chain or leather style, but don’t be afraid to try something a little more adventurous.

Step 2. Add a Few Neighbor Bracelets

Once you have settled on a stylish band you love, then its time to add a bracelet. This applies to everyone – ladies and gentlemen. Choose a bracelet (or 2 or 3) that pair well with your band. If you choose a metallic band, then metallic bracelets in a like metal with a different texture will look great. Leather bands are super versatile and can go with just about anything. Beaded and more embellished bands look nice with similar style bracelets. Follow your style gut but remember to keep it (relatively) simple. If you like the “stack of bracelets” look, then you can sneak an Apple Watch on a like-styled band with a full wrist of jewelry as well.

3. Put Your Best (Watch) Face Forward

This is the finishing touch. That cartoon character or big flower may be cute, but there are more fashion-forward choices available to you.

Traditional watchmakers take great care in the design and layout of the face of the watch. Think about all of the beautiful watches you’ve seen in your life. It’s not just the band that wows. It’s the face, the layout, the elements, the materials, etc.

You have loads of options for your Apple Watch face and the right one will set off your look. You can opt for a system standard or get a designer watch face created by notable fashion houses. Some favorites for a more polished, fashion-forward look are:

  • Hermes (yes, that Hermes) face
  • Chronograph face
  • Simple face (in neutral colors)
  • California face

If you’re not sure how to change the face on your Apple Watch, you can find instructions here.

Updating your watch face, adding a sleek band and accessorizing with bracelets that accent the design elements of your watch band will transform your ho-hum smartwatch into an enviable conversation starter. You can start with just one change if you’d like! Any of these updates alone or in combination will elevate your watch’s style.

Of course, the best style trick in the book is to wear things you love. Smart watches are nothing if not customizable, so pick a style that excites you! That will be the best look you pull off all year.


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