6 Clever Habits of Wealthy People


Most people have dreams of becoming successful and wealthy during their lifetime. Many people wonder how the wealthy get to their level of achievement. Is it genetically predisposed? Is there a secret formula for success? While we may not have all the answers, one thing is certain. No matter where the wealthiest in the world started out, they have all developed certain habits. The habits and behaviors found below are common among the wealthiest people in the world, which makes you beg the question: “Are these clever habits the key to success?”

1- They make their bed every morning.

According to Randall Bell in an interview by CBS, this is one of the most common habits shared amongst millionaires and billionaires all over the world. He “studied the habits of the rich and found that if you make your bed each morning, you are 206 percent more likely to become a millionaire.” He believes it starts out the day on a certain note that carries throughout the day. Making your bed first thing in the morning also gives you a small sense of accomplishment and confidence that you will continue to accomplish things throughout the day.

2- They read more.

Some of the most brilliant (and wealthy minds) read 50 books a year or spend up to 80 percent of their time reading. These facts could lead you to believe that reading can be associated with a higher form of education (and a higher income). In fact, a person who reads more than 7 books a year is over 122 percent more likely to become a millionaire than someone who doesn’t read or only reads 1-3 books per year. This isn’t new information, as many have known for years that reading is associated with intelligence and success.

3- They make plans and organize.

It makes sense that when you’re more organized, you can get more accomplished. This is certainly true for the wealthiest people in the world, who are prone to note-taking, calendar-maintaining, and to-do list-making. Wealthy people organize their day to maximize their accomplishments, write down inspirations, and write down tasks to ensure they get done. This also allows them to prioritize their tasks. People who are natural organizers are over 200 percent more likely to be millionaires.

4- They have great decorum.

If you see wealthy people at certain events, they are typically dressed appropriately and are acting appropriately. Studies show that the wealthiest people master certain rules and principles of society, like acknowledging important life events, dressing properly for the setting, having wonderful manners, and “putting their best foot forward.” Wealthy people all seem to have the same habit of knowing how to behave in whatever environment they are in.

5- They work out, meditate, or exercise.

This habit may not be true for all wealthy people, but the statistics are in the favor of the healthy. Exercisers tend to be more proactive, healthy, and all-around happy. According to a study cited on Huffington Post, “being physically active positively influenced 15-year income, with physically active males making 14 percent to 17 percent more than less-active males.” Exercising boosts confidence and sets the tone for the day.

6- They wake up early.

Statistically speaking, if you’re considering the majority of wealth from all over the world, you’ll probably find that they wake up in the morning while the rest of us are still sleeping. More than 50 percent of millionaires wake up at least 3 hours before their work day even begins. Waking up early lets you gain control of your day, give you a sense of confidence, and allow you to accomplish menial tasks to make way for important ones. Because early-risers get more accomplished in the mornings, they tend to also be happier and more productive.

While becoming successful certainly involves many factors and a lot of demanding work, there are certain habits that the wealthiest all seem to have in common. Whether it’s making their beds, reading, or waking up before everyone else, the wealthy obviously have the right idea. Maybe by following their lead, you’ll find your own success.


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