6 Hacks for Purchasing Appliances Using Coupons


Purchasing an appliance can be a major investment, especially if it is something as expensive as a refrigerator or a washer and dryer combination. Before you fork over the big bucks for any major appliance purchase in your home, you should consider how coupons could help you strike a bargain. While it is important to do your research on the type of appliance you would like to buy a head of time, getting a great deal on a coupon can certainly influence your decision. Before you hit the stores for your next major appliance purchase, check out the following coupon tips.

1. Sign up for email offers
As a way to increase their email marketing list, many businesses are offering substantial discounts just for signing up to receive their online newsletters. This is worth the relatively small time investment it takes to sign up. You could even create a junk email account so that your inbox is not flooded with many offers from different appliance companies.

2. Check for matching discount offers
Some major companies advertise that they will except competitors’ coupons. There are probably conditions and restrictions that apply. For making your purchase, check with the store manager to see if they won’t honor the discounts offered by a competitor. It never hurts to ask, and if you don’t, the answer is always no. You may have an easier time having a competitors’ coupon accepted if you are shopping in the store rather than online. For online purchases, a specific coupon code is usually required and it would be more difficult to get a store manager to agree to honor a discount.

3. Watch the expiration date of the coupon
Almost every coupon has an expiration date, and the same is true for coupons for appliances. The store might refuse to accept a coupon for an appliance purchase if it is past the expiration date. If you have a particularly deep discount on a coupon, consider adding a calendar item to your phone to remind you to make the purchase in time to take advantage of the discount. If you have just discovered an expired coupon that would give you a big discount on an appliance purchase, you may want to consider asking the store manager if they will still honor the coupon anyway. Sometimes this just might work.

4. Look for ways to come by and discounts
If you purchase an appliance from a major company, they may have a credit card offer available to you. If you are able to combine coupons with the benefits of opening a store credit card, this could be a particularly lucrative deal for you. Make sure to read the fine print and ask questions of a store manager before you commit to the purchase, according to CouponCabin. You may also be mindful that a store credit card typically has a promotional. For a good interest rate that expires at a certain point. Be sure to pay off the card in time to take advantage of the lower interest rate.

5. Don’t forget to check your local newspapers
Even though almost everything in advertising is online right now, you do not want to miss out on any coupons that are only available through your local newspapers. You can call up the specific store location in your area and find out if they are running any particular newspaper ads at this time that are not available online. That could save you time from having to track down the newspaper and the cost of purchasing it. Some stores also offer in in-store circular that you should check out for additional deals.

6. Try using a price comparison app
Just because you get a great discount from a coupon does not mean there isn’t a better deal out there for you. Using a price comparison app can help you figure this out quickly so that you can rest assured that you were not letting a better offer pass you by. Be sure to factor in the specific promotional code that you have available when determining whether an appliance is a better deal from another store. Prices change all the time, so be sure to check it frequently before you purchase.


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