The Impact an Awning Will Have on Your Utility Savings


The awnings can be a stunning addition to any business or home, they add color, style, and more importantly, they save you money. Whatever you spend on having the custom awnings installed, expect to make it back in short order when you notice a reduction in your utility bills and less in the way of HVAC system repairs. Even though the awnings provide a number of aesthetic benefits, they do have a very specific functional purpose as well. These window awnings provide incredible energy efficiency and will go a long way in reducing your energy bills.

These are some of the impacts the awning will have on your utility savings;

Reducing the Indoor Temperatures

As the warmer months arrive, so do higher temperatures and longer periods of sunshine. The sun begins to come through the windows, quickly heating up each room until the temperatures steadily begin rising and make it uncomfortable. Curtains and blinds can not keep the solar heat from clearing those barriers, and in short order the house feels like an oven. Even after the sun begins to set, the heat is now trapped in those rooms, making it uncomfortable at bedtime.

The window awnings serve a very specific purpose. The material the awnings are comprised will bounce the majority of the solar glare away from the windows and from getting into your home. With more solar heat being retracted away, the temperatures inside the house stay cooler. Direct sunlight can also fade the colors in carpeting and upholstery, so with the sunlight reflecting away from the awning, there will be less in the way of discoloration to belongings within the buildings.

Less Strain of Mechanical Equipment

When the awnings are doing their job and deflecting away solar glare to keep the interior of the house cooler, the cooling system in the house is able to get a break. The longer the temperatures are cooler, the less the HVAC system is going to be working. Not only does this have a direct impact on your utility bills, it will reduce the overall wear and tear on the system so that those moving parts are not going to need replacement as often. When the entire system is running a fraction of the time, it will help to extend the overall life.

Over time, the savings begin to stack up because the home or business owner is not paying for mechanical equipment repairs as often because the system is operating on a minimum schedule now. By reducing the time the HVAC system is running and by not needing to draw power during periods of high demand, it can cut even further into utility savings, especially when customers are charged more expensive rates at peak times.

Lower Overall Utility Bills

Now that the awnings are keeping the interior of the structure cooler and reducing the load on the cooling system, the benefits continue as far as a reduction in your utility bills. As the year unfolds, your monthly savings in utility costs turn to yearly savings. The longer the awnings are in place, the steadily the bills will drop. A huge added benefit is that the more people who are taking advantage of the awnings, the more the utility company will begin to see a need in production drop.

When public demand begins to decrease from the utility company, the utility companies will have less of a need to increase their capabilities. Having to build fewer generating facilities costs taxpayers less, and not having to create new facilities means the utility companies will not be passing that cost on to customers in the way of higher bills.

The impact the awnings will have on your utility savings are endless. While you are helping to keep the interior of the house cooler, you are making your HVAC system work less. Less wear and tear on those moving parts means less repairs and maintenance, savings that continue to mount each season.

Whether the awnings are on windows and doors at home or the business, the potential for utility savings is limitless. When one homeowner gets another homeowner to follow suit, the positive impact will be felt by the whole community in time.


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