3 Things to Make Out of Reclaimed Timber


According to Wikipedia, most reclaimed wood comes from barns, factories and warehouses. You can use any wood that has another purpose. You can even use wood that would go to a junkyard. Many people enjoy recycling the wood giving it a new purpose in life. Others love the appearance of old wood. It is difficult to find reclaimed wood in some areas. If you are lucky enough to get some, then there are many different things you may want to make.

Patrick LeMear loves building old furniture out of reclaimed wood. He opened Urban Reclamations in Tacoma, Washington, to share his creations with others. His company sells most of the furniture that they produce to restaurants and other businesses in Seattle. He says that he loves the character of reclaimed wood. He is fond of black stains left by nails that have been in the wood for over 100 years. You can be like Peter and make all types of projects out of reclaimed wood.

Make a Bedside Table

If you want to be like Patrick, then an easy reclaimed furniture project to make is a little side table. This project is so simple that you can complete it in only a couple of hours. You can use an old pallet. Start by ripping the cross boards from the pallet. Cut them in half and sand them. Cut three of the half boards the length you want your table to be. Construct a frame from other boards that are slightly smaller than the table top. Fasten them together to form a square and attach your top pieces. Use more half boards to make the legs for your table. Screw them into place. From scraps, you can even make a shelf for the bottom of your table if you desire. Finally, finish your project with some wood glaze or some varnish.

Make a Headboard for Your Bed

It is also very easy to make a headboard for your bed. Start by deciding what size you want your headboard to be. Draw an outline that size with chalk on the ground. Then, lay out your barn wood pieces to create the design that you desire. You can lay pieces on top of each other where you need to cut them to size. Flip them upside down and fasten to two long pieces of wood. Create wood joints or install metal brackets to make the areas where two boards meet in the middle stronger. Then, screw these in place. Finally, sand and varnish the piece before installing in your bedroom.

Tree Stump Coffee Table

It is also incredibly easy to make a tree stump coffee table that you will want to show off to all your friends. Start by finding a tree stump that is the right size for your space. Lift it off the ground and let it dry for several weeks. As the stump dries, chip off the bark. Use a chainsaw to make sure that the top and bottom are flat. Sand the stump until it is smooth. Then, apply two coats of polyurethane. Do not put any polyurethane on the bottom of the stump. Position your coffee table in the desired place in your living room.

Using reclaimed wood is a great way to build furniture for your home with very little expense. You will love its farmhouse style, and you will adore bragging to all your friends that you made it yourself. You will also be able to say that you saved this wood from the junkyard. After all, just because its original purpose has passed, does not mean that the wood is not useful for another purpose.


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