4 Key Reasons Why Microblading Will Change Your Life


There is always something new being invented in the beauty industry, and most of these new ideas aren’t worth getting worked up about. Microblading, however, is one that has been receiving a lot of praise over the past few years. This semi-permanent makeup technique was designed to create the perfect set of eyebrows, making it possible for anyone to attain their desired look despite any hindering medical conditions or genetic disagreements. The benefits of microblading are not only impressive, but they are truly life-changing. Here are four reasons why.

1. Microblading Is Long-lasting

The premium results of a microblading session will last you anywhere between one to three years. While you are set for at least 365 days, the amount of time leading up to your next touch-up is ultimately dependent upon environmental factors and the quality of the ink used. This gives you enough time to enjoy your beautiful, hassle-free look until the next brow trend comes around. Also, microblading requires no level of upkeep in order to maintain its fresh appearance. This means that you can finally get rid of those painful wax strips and pesky tweezers.

2. Microblading Will Save You Loads Of Time And Money

Who needs more time and money? In the world of adulthood, I think we all do. Applying a face of makeup is quite time-consuming, and it can never be complete without the perfect brow. And unfortunately, you probably spend the bulk of your time over plucking and hopelessly striving for a symmetrical look. The good news is, microblading allows you to snooze for an extra 20 minutes as you are promised to wake up with flawless eyebrows each morning. Not only are you awarded more leisure time, but you will also save loads of cash on threading sessions and wax strips. Microblading is designed to give the complete appearance of a fully enhanced brow, so you can toss your expensive powders and brow liners indefinitely.

3. Microblading Provides Natural-looking Results

We have all witnessed the negative effects of permanent makeup. Between poorly-matched coloring and unrealistic shapes, it seems as if the perfect brow is difficult to achieve. However, this is far from the truth in the world of microblading as its realistic appearance is what makes it superior to its counterparts. Even in close proximity, it is hard to decipher the natural hairs from those created from a microblade. The hair-like strokes are made to resemble the length and texture of the authentic brow. Microblades deliver both thin and precise strokes, unlike those of a traditional tattoo session. The pigment used will never change in color but will begin to fade when it is time for a touch-up. Learn more about how microblading achieves such organic-looking results.

4. Microblading Is Safe

While all cosmetic procedures carry some risks, microblading is one that usually goes without a hitch. Despite the use of a needle, the process is virtually painless and only takes about an hour and a half to complete. To ensure comfortability, a medicated ointment is applied to numb the area. The process is so gentle that clients often sleep through the strokes. It is normal for the skin to experience a bit of sensitivity following the procedure; however, this should fade within the first week as long as the area isn’t touched or rubbed. If the client cleans the brows as directed during the healing period of about 20 days, no complications should occur. Just be sure that the procedure is performed by a licensed esthetician using sterile equipment in a clean environment. This will minimize the possibility of an infection. Here is what you need to know about microblading prior to setting an appointment with a trusted esthetician.

Microblading may be the key to fixing brow loss. While it doesn’t serve to replace lost or damaged hairs, it will disguise any bald areas. What makes microblading even sweeter is that you are not stuck with one look forever. Once the ink fades, you can choose a different shape, so you will never have to worry about being stuck in an outdated brow trend!


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