4 Ways to Compliment the Chef

You’ve just had the most unbelievable meal, all thanks to a great chef who is working hard in the kitchen. There are a few ways that you can compliment a chef on the meal that you’ve had that will ensure that they actually hear the compliment for themselves. You don’t want to tell your server to let them know. Servers get busy and may forget to tell the chef. This means that the chef will never hear your praises. However, there are a few simple ways for you to make sure that the chef knows just how happy you are with the meal.

Write an Online Review

Online reviews are one of the best things that you can do for a chef, especially if they are at a new restaurant. Positive reviews help others to learn about the restaurant. You could end up bringing in a significant amount of new business as a result of the review that you write. Many chefs read up on the reviews at the restaurants that they work at. It’s a way to find out how the kitchen is operating, what meals people like the most, and what they could be doing differently. While you won’t know for sure whether the chef will receive the compliment, you can be sure that others will read the compliment.

Become a Raving Customer

When you want to compliment a chef, don’t keep the good food to yourself. Become a raving customer by telling your friends and family about the restaurant. Let them go into the restaurant and see what a good chef is there. Visit the restaurant often. You may want to tell the server (or management) that you visit all the time because you love the chef’s good cooking. Word will likely travel back to the kitchen that they have a raving customer.

Write a Hand-Written Note

Send a hand-written note to the chef, directly to the restaurant, the next day. This is considerably more personal than sending an e-mail. Additionally, many restaurants don’t have a separate e-mail address for the chef. You want to be sure that the note is going to get into the chef’s hands. A hand-written note allows you to detail why you wanted to say “Thank you” and let them know just how great the meal way. With a note, they can hang it up in their office and read it regularly. It may be what gets them through a, particularly, tough dinner service knowing that they have at least one person out there who loves their food.

Send a Glass of Wine into the Kitchen

If you’re feeling particularly generous, tell the server that you would like to thank the chef for the meal by sending in a glass of wine. You can choose the wine you wish to be sent in or ask for what the chef’s favorite wine is and order a glass of that. If the chef isn’t too busy in the kitchen, they may even come out and personally thank you. Not all restaurants offer this as an option, but it never hurts to make the inquiry. Many chefs are quite fond of wine and will appreciate the gesture.

Chefs don’t always know that they are cooking food that people love. The only way for them to know is to hear it. When you want to compliment the chef, be sure to do it in such a way that you’re not disruptive. Chefs are busy, so don’t ask for the chef to visit your table. Get creative. Thank a chef for a great meal so that they can continue to cook many more great meals.


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