5 Things to Know Before Making An Offer on a House


Making an offer on a house is a difficult process to go through because it is about far more than showing a seller how willing you are to buy their property. The U.S. News reports the process of making an offer is actually about showing a seller that you have your house in order and are ready to follow through with the entire process of buying a new home. This means there are a number of steps to be taken to ensure you are ready and prepared for the home buying process which does not begin with making an offer on a property.

1. Get your finances in order

One of the most important things to do when you are considering making an offer on a home is to get your finances in order and prepare to get pre-qualified for a mortgage. Some experts believe you should begin your exploration of your finances around six months before you expect to make an offer. The Architectural Digest explains a minimum credit score of 580 should be obtained and 620 should be the target if you are hoping for a conventional home loan.

2. Find the right area

The question at this point is what does the future hold for you? Is the property you are hoping to find one that will solely be used to get your foot on the property ladder you may be less intent on finding a specific area. For those who have children, the chance to find an impressive school district means some research is needed before making an offer on a house.

3. Find a realtor

How much do you know about buying a property and the process of making an offer on a home? If the answer is very little you really should be looking to find a realtor who has the skills and experience to push your deal forward for the future. A realtor is often a good option for those who are looking to find the best deal because they will have some information to pass on regarding the process of buying a home. Not only can a realtor help you find good deals, they often know others who can assist you in your house-buying experience. A realtor often knows mortgage brokers and inspectors who can assist you in getting the deal you are hoping for.

4. Research the sale

Once you have sorted out your finances and begun working with a realtor you will be looking at homes and properties you hope will meet your needs. Once you find a home you hope will meet your needs you should try to find out as much as possible about the seller and their position. Ask your realtor why the seller is trying to offload their home and discover if you can leverage a need to sell into a strong bargaining position. Another option is to visit the property you hope to buy and talk to the neighbors to discover if they have any information you can use to get the best deal for your new home.

5. Return to your lender

Once you have found a property you are considering making an offer on you should look to return to your lender and make sure your financial position will allow you to purchase the home. Getting all the information you can from your lender will assist you in proving to the seller you have the ability to purchase the home of your dreams in the time frame you state. The more information you provide regarding your financial health, the more likely it is your offer will be accepted.

Making an offer on a home is just one of the many different steps to be taken as you try and purchase the home of your dreams. By taking a few steps prior to making an offer you will find yourself in a better position to fulfill your home ownership dream more quickly than if you are unprepared.


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