5 Tips for Designing the Perfect Label


Designing a label for your company is a good way to get your brand out there and have a unique product that is sure to catch the attention of customers. Unfortunately, a lot of people just do not realize how important it is that they design the perfect label for their companies so that it stands out from the sea of competition that they might have. By designing a good label, you’re not only improving the look of the product, but you’re increasing customer appeal.

1. Choose the Colors

The colors of the label make for an incredibly important part of how it looks. You don’t want to choose label colors that clash or that don’t stand out. You want a label that is bright or vivid enough to stand out, but not bright to the point where it looks tacky. If you have specific colors for your company, you may want to consider using these on the label so that people know what they are buying just by its colors.

2. Understand Fonts

The font that you use on the label is also going to have an incredibly big impact on how well your product is received. If the font looks unprofessional or is too small, it can be difficult for people to take the product seriously. You need a font that is relatively common, straightforward and has a professional look to it. Be sure to choose the size font that is right for you so that it is not only easy for customers to read the label, but also improves chances of standing out when you’re in a store.

3. Add Your Logo

If your company has its own logo, you are going to want to add this to your label. This not only helps you when it comes to getting the product known and seen in the general public, but it is going to help people to recognize your name and brand without even looking at any writing. The logo needs to be large enough to stand out on the label but not too large that it looks overdone.

4. Ingredients and Other Important Information

The label should have information on ingredients and other important data that is relevant to your customers. For example, if you make bath soap, you should list all of the ingredients on the label so that your customers know what they are putting on their bodies. If you make food items, you need to add a nutritional label so that people know what they are consuming.

5. Quality Labeling

There are all types of labels that you can choose for yourself. From cheaper sticker paper to premium labels that are a bit more money. It is often a better for you to invest in a more sturdy paper rather than cheap out with something less expensive. Keep in mind that you want the label to last a long time and provide the font and coloring that you need. You will also find that your logo and colors look better on a better paper than it would on a cheaper one that you might buy just to save a bit of money.

You can do the labels either on your own or by hiring a professional who can do the work for you. Many business owners have found that hiring a professional is often the better option because of the fact that you’re able to get the work done by an expert who knows exactly what they should be doing to get the label looking its best. They will also be able to help when it comes to picking out colors, fonts and logos that work well for you. This is why it often pays for you to hire such a professional and see for yourself that it is worth the investment and can benefit every single aspect of your company for the better. Now is the best time to look for a professional who is going to be able to help out with this particular task when you need it the most.


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