6 New Trends in Interior Design You Don’t Want to Miss


With new years and new seasons come new design trends. Design is a holistic cultural concept; from graphic design to fine art, visual trends touch every part of culture. Design trends focusing on color palettes and form touch every area of the visual landscape and interior design is no exception. This year has seen some of the most unique and compelling trends and styles in interior design, and it’s exciting to see how they will develop in 2020. The good news is that no trend stands alone; each trend and style development has its own contribution to make. Depending on what your space looks like, it might be possible to transform your space with very little effort; some of these trends make use of existing styles with slight modifications. With that in mind, below are 6 new trends in interior design that you can’t miss.

1. Inside / Outside

Never before have houseplants been more trendy. It seems that the trendiest Instagram influencers all have loft-style apartments filled with succulents and palm trees set against stark, minimal walls. While this is a bit of a trope, nature-inspired spaces have gained heavy traction in the past few years. This is evident in interior design through playful furniture pieces that are less art nouveau and more tribal. Plant-inspired patterns, deep green and light tan color schemes and plenty of houseplants adorn the trendiest homes this year. Wicker chairs and low-form materials like plywood can also make a great and inexpensive addition to your space.

2. Bold Wall Art

A great textured wallpaper with bold patterns or unexpected colors can elevate a space. Make sure to toe the line here between gaudy and bright. It can be a difficult line to balance, but if you pull it off well it can make for an impressive space. In addition, fun photos, abstract or modernist-inspired prints can add a ton of flair to an otherwise boring room. There’s a ton of room for your own inspiration and personality here, so resist the temptation to just copy whatever you happen to see on Pinterest.

3. Detail / Maximalism

Minimalism has had its time. Now it’s time for it to move aside to make space for plenty of detail. Don’t be afraid to shop for embellished details with plenty of patterns. It’s important to understand the difference between tasteful amounts of detail and clutter. Detail embellishes objects and adds interest; clutter fills space and adds stress. Details can make any space feel more like home.

4. Loose Structure

2020 will see a rise in loose, inviting spaces that are easy to live and work in. The key here is comfort; rather than create spaces that constantly need to be cleaned or feel clinical, these spaces have a lived-in feel by design. They key here is to create spaces with plenty of textures and materials that are inviting and clean rather than cluttered. Soft, neutral colors with cool accents create the right feel for this style.

5. Eclectic Style

This trend combines a sense of elegance and sophistication with a hint of retro playfulness. Lots of curves and fluidity fill spaces with plenty of detail. For centerpieces, choose deep blues and pinks. For detail pieces and accents, choose metallics and bronzes. Some great ways to push this style choice on are tasteful, bronze bar carts, dining rooms with playful wallpapers, and plenty of mix-and-match styles. This is also a great way to incorporate the ever-present “Millennial Pink” tone.

6. Japanese Inspiration

Over the past few years, Japan has made a strong and steady influence in the art and design world. This trend focuses on obviously Asian patterns and forms straight from the Orient. This trend is best paired with a minimalist look that pairs pieces that speak for themselves with thoughtfully-structured spaces. This is a great style to add selectively to create a sense of interest or tension.



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