6 Summer Fashion Tips for 2018


Fashion faux pas exist and they come in all shapes and sizes, including wearing clashing patterns, donning last season’s colors, and overdoing it with colors and textures. Whereas it’s important to understand what not to wear in the world of fashion, it is of equal significance to sustain knowledge of annual trends, most of which vary between seasons. As summer 2018 approaches rapidly, knowing the tips of making it a fashionable one is growing like the sunshine.

Know the Now Colors

As reported by Vogue, ten colors are reigning supreme in the industry. Lavender, ultraviolet, rapture rose, blue sky, naja and military green, chocolate brown, white, yellow, and red tomato are being utilized across the field. Designers like Victoria Beckham, Michael Kors, Tibi, Marchesa, Lanvin, John Galliano, Fenty by Green, and Stella McCartney are all working to ensure these colors will be seen during the warmer months. Plenty of these hues are expected to be timeless as well.

Embrace Sequins

In years passed, summer was a time for light and airy clothing, but 2018 is throwing that concept out. With the obsession with unicorns and mermaids on the rise since 2013, fashion is expected to see a rise in the demand for sequins. From flip flops to light jackets and accentuated tees, the tip is to shop for literal glitz.

Understand That Plastic Is Not Just for Bags

The waterproof material is going to be trending heavily this summer as depicted by Chanel, Burberry, Calvin Klein, Isabel, and Topshop. Not only is this material visually interesting, it can be used to benefit the environment. Thousands of plastic bottles and other items flood the oceans weekly, destroying the planet in their wake. Plastic clothing, however, can even be made from recycled bottles, something both trendy and environmentally friendly. Whether the weather calls for plastic boots, hats, or fashion ponchos, the material will be coming in loud and clear–no pun intended.

Learn How to Fringe Your Clothing

Hanging threads along the edge of clothing is what fringe is all about. Perhaps one of the most in and out of style statements, fringe is just one of those things that unexpectedly appears again and people fall in love. Botega Veneta, Saint Laurent, and Loewe have all worked to make this trend popular again. Despite being able to find fringe clothing almost everywhere, it is easy to make your own as well.

Embrace Your Body by Wearing Shear

2018 has been a bold year boasting of tolerance, self-respect, and courage. With attitudes of acceptance ruling like never before, there is no surprise that the fashion industry would begin to embrace this lifestyle, too. Body confidence is part of this movement, which is probably why shear clothing is trending heavily.

While plenty of people wear shear clothing with nothing underneath, most feel comfortable sporting a tank top under their see-through tops. Shear is sure to allow people to accept their bodies while keeping it cool in the heat. Dior and Simone Rocha are the designers most blatantly using shear.

Get Used to Carrying a Lot of Bags

Fashion is odd and this fad offers no contrary to that. Models can be seen donning a smaller bag with their much bigger main bag. Usually strapped across the chest is the smaller purse while the large handbag is worn around the wrist. If you cannot picture yourself holding onto more than one bag at a time, this summer might be different.

Think about how much stuff you carry in the summer. Your sunglasses, sunscreen, bug spray, spare flip flops for when the wedge sandals grow tiresome, a swimsuit, deodorant, a water bottle, and more are all summer essentials and they all need a place to reside while you are enjoying fun in the sun. This fashion statement just might be more practical than it is fashionable, but what better excuse to buy more pocketbooks?

To conclude, fashion tips for summer delve far deeper than keeping a water bottle and extra deodorant in your bag. From understanding the appropriate colors to using fashion to appreciate your body, fashion is as fun as it is educational and inspiring.


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