7 Items of Gear You Need to Stay Toasty and Dry on the Slopes


When the snow starts to fly, you can hit the slopes to have a good time. However, you want to ensure that you stay nice and toasty during your time outdoors. Otherwise, it will take away from the fun. Here are seven types of gear that you should invest in to ensure you always stay dry no matter what.


Neck Gaiter


While scarfs are quite a trendy way to express your personal style. They don’t work so well when you’re on the slopes. They can fly off and get caught up on things. Instead, opt for a neck gaiter. This will keep your neck cozy warm and won’t come off by accident. You can get these in a variety of materials. Wool tends to be one of the most popular.


Fleece Mid Layers


One of the biggest struggles that skiers and snowboarders have is trying to stay warm while combating the puff of too much clothing. You want to be able to move freely when out on the slopes. By utilizing multiple layers with the right material, you can stay warm and feel flexible in your clothes. Always opt for a mid layer fleece jacket. This material is very thin and will keep you super warm.




It’s very easy to forget to cover up your skin and end up with frostbite. The fingers are an easy area to get frostbitten due to the combination of cold weather and the velocity of going down the slopes. You should be covering up your fingers with a good pair of mittens. These will ensure that your hands are free from the cold wind as you head down the slopes.


Wool Socks


It’s amazing how many people get the best waterproof outer layers and boots but forget to invest in a good pair of wool socks. Since your feet are going to be the closest to the ground where there is snow, you want to ensure that there are a good bit of layers between the ground and your feet. Wool is a great material that provides heat while wicking away sweat.


Long Underwear


Your base layer should start with some long underwear. These can also be referred to as thermos. The best materials are wool and synthetic materials. These types of materials work to wick away the sweat from your skin so that you stay dry throughout your time on the slopes. You can typically get long underwear in both lightweight and mid weight ratings so you can choose the right one depending on the outside temperature.


Ski / Snowboard Pants


You can opt for snow pants or bibs depending on your personal preference. This outer layer is meant to both provide another layer of insulation and to keep water from reaching your skin. These will come in waterproof or water-resistant types. Depending on the quality of pants or bibs that you buy, you can get ones with added features like vents that allow your legs to go into your boots without any snow entering.






A simple pair of glasses just isn’t going to cut it when it comes to enjoying your time on the slopes. You’ll want a good pair of goggles that will assist you in protecting against the sun’s glare, the wind, and any flying debris. Your googles should fit perfectly without any sort of gaps around them. There are countless options when it comes to googles, so be sure to take your time and pick the ones that best fit your individual needs.

While you may get super excited knowing that it’s almost time to hit the slopes, you should be preparing your gear now. This way, you have everything you need to stay nice and toasty while playing in the snow. The above are seven must-haves to keep you dry and warm during this winter ski season.


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