7 Tricks to Purchasing a New Shower Door on a Budget


At the end of a long day, every single person wants to come home to a long, refreshing shower. Erasing the dirt and grime from your body that piled up throughout the day is the first order of business before hitting the sack. No one should ever lay down on their bed wearing dirty dregs. Hygiene is everything!


The shower experience can be made even more pleasurable in a nice bathroom. One of the things to consider aside from the shower head is the shower door. No one can, after all, take a bath without one because water spill over to the area of the commode leaving a messy puddle on the floor. Hence, finding the right shower door is not vanity but necessity.


Now, before you think about ordering online or walking to an actual store to purchase the first shower door you fancy and see, there are some aspects that must be considered. You don’t want to buy something, only to have to return it because it doesn’t fit. Keeping these tips on mind, found here under, will help you in your decision-making:




The first thing to actually do is to look at the space where your need to put the shower door. What style of shower door do you have? Is your shower stall-like and narrow? Do you need a door that pivots? Will you prefer one with or without a track? Or perhaps you have bathtub that needs a sliding shower door. Reminder: the way your shower door opens is both dependent on your style preferences and the layout of your bathroom. Getting to know the style of the shower will help you make a sound decision. On top of that, knowing what you need will help you from being overwhelmed by the hundreds of choices available online and in retail stores. Key point: your shower doors need to fit your style and wallet.


Measure, Measure Again


Take out your tape measure and accurately check the dimensions. Take the numbers on all sides. Draw a diagram if you must to avoid confusion. It will be too expensive a mistake to make if you miscalculate. If you have to measure twice or thrice, then do so. Accuracy is key. Meticulous measurement of the shower is vital because as small mistake can mean you won’t be able to close the shower door properly. You need these figures so you can fit the right door in the available space. According to Forbes, trying to make everything fit in the free space of a tiny bathroom is akin to doing a giant crossword puzzle. In order for you not to struggle, measure everything.


Glass Issues


Even Cinderella’s godmother took quite a bit of time to decide on the glass slippers! True enough, deciding on the style of glass you prefer for your shower door is another thing to consider. If privacy is important, then clear glass is not for you. Choose glass with a pattern decoration strategically placed through out, or perhaps pick a door with texture that makes the glass opaque. If it is natural light coming from a shower window that makes you happy in the morning, then classic clear glass is the choice.




Applying the finishing touches is something you have to consider before actually  finishing up the shower door project. Take a good look around your bathroom and examine the accent pieces. Are they gold, chrome, ceramic or stainless steel? You have to decide if your upcoming shower door’s hardware will match and coordinate with the finishes and fixtures you already have existing in your bathroom. Perhaps, you want a clean slate. You can also think of your new shower door as a fresh start. Then, you can just purchase brand new coordinating items and renovate the bathroom. Of course, this is highly dependent on your budget.


Safety First


You maybe tempted to scrimp on your shower door in lieu of something cheaper. Remember, quality over quantity. Cheaper is not always the best. Pick doors that are made with high-quality materials. We have to make sure these doors are safe, so that in the event of an accident, they won’t just easily break. Shower doors are constantly exposed to water, making its materials degrade and deteriorate at a faster speed. If you buy a low quality shower door, it may end up corroding the glass and tarnishing the metal trimmings.


Examine It


Instead of trying to imagine what your shower door will look like, perhaps, use a design app to visualize it. Or better yet, go to the actual store to see it in person. A shower door is too big of an expense to leave to chance. Besides, comparing your options side by side makes choosing easier. As stated on CNN, doors must be picked out in person because no one wants the hassle of mailing back a glass shower door ordered online. Now, geared up with these nuggets of information, the best choice for your bathroom is certainly now crystal clear.


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