8 Common Roofing Problems and Repairs


Like any other part of the house structure, the roof is prone to wear and tear over time. It could be anything ranging from small leaks to major cracks, but all roof ailments demand immediate attention. This piece digs into detail about eight common roofing problems and their corrections.

Roof Leaks

Roof leaks are a common roofing problem that homeowners face at least once in their lifetime. They may emanate from cracked flashing, broken shingles and tiles and pieces of the structure falling off. Mold and rot could also eat through roofs to cause leaks. A professional roofing contractor should examine the condition of damage causing leaks and decide whether to replace the entire roof or parts that are damaged.

Punctures and holes

Punctures and holes are left behind after foot traffic, bird punctures and unexplained huge holes. Regardless if the woodpecker has made your roof a drilling site or the holes are just a manufacturing mistake, someone must repair the holes. The contractor will use other materials to fill in the gaps and cover them to prevent exposing other roofing parts to rot from moisture.

Clogged gutters

The gutters are part of the roofing system. Broken, clogged or defective gutters may lead water into the house and other adjacent structures. Exposure to water will lead to rot and other damages. You may want to consider replacing broken gutters, removing the dirt and tightening loose gutters. You may also install screens on the gutter openings that will sieve out leaves and twigs preventing clogging.

Damage from falling trees and branches

Trees grow wide and strong and may spell trouble to your roof. With strong winds, trees and branches get swayed and may crash into your roofing system causing breakages, wear, and scratches. To prevent further damages from trees, trim all branches extending to the roof or cut down any tree posing a danger to the integrity of the roof.

Poor installation

Faulty roof installations expose the system even before the expected life expectancy is over. Usually, this is caused by hiring inexperienced or underqualified roofing contractors. The only solution to saving your house after finding out that the roofing system was poorly installed, is to have an experienced contractor replace the entire roof.

Snow and ice damage

Ice and snow damage in normally notorious in the winter seasons. When the weather becomes warmer, the ice and snow will melt into water that seeps beneath the shingles. It may freeze once the conditions go low again which cases the water to contract and push the roof structures up or out of place. Water may seep through the exposed spaces spelling doom. Routine maintenance will ensure that your roof is fit enough to withstand winter conditions. If the damage is apparent, you might want to call in a roofing contractor for restoration needs.

Ponding water

Ponding water on your roof is enough evidence that there is something wrong. Flat roofs, for instance, houses pooled water, and it causes problems in the long run. It could also come from debris build-up, clogged gutter, and improper damage. Ponding water exposes the roof to drenching water, warping, leaks and rot. A contractor should identify the reason to the ponding and rectify if through finding ways to drain the water effectively. If the roof is flat, the contractor should find ways to make it steeper for easier drainage.

Damaged or improperly installed flashing

Flashing is the part on the roof that seals all entrances such as heating and cooling systems, vent pipes, skylights and chimneys. Poorly installed or damaged flashing exposes the roof to exterior forces that put pressure on the roof ultimately causing it to crack and blow off. It could also be the reason why the rainwater is leaking into your house. A contractor will replace any broken roofing tiles and parts and re-install the flashing properly.

Some of these common problems are as a result of negligence and poor workmanship. Should you notice any of them, correction practices should follow immediately to prevent the damage from growing into a monster. Also, routine maintenance may help identify the roofing problems in time.


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