8 Easy Garage Organization Tips


Whether you are preparing for spring cleaning or the addition of a new baby in the home, the task of organizing a messy garage and be a big one. It’s a feat that takes lots of planning to make it work. Most people have no idea where to begin organizing their garage. A lot of those same people end up skipping the process altogether. However, if you are ready to tackle it, below are some tips on getting started. With some hard work and dedication, your garage will be neat and clean before you know it.

Consider Your Vehicle

The first thing you need to figure out is whether or not you will be keeping your vehicle in the garage. The answer to this will determine how you organize everything. Depending on where you live, your car may be just fine living in your driveway or on the street. If you decide to keep your car out of the garage, you will have much more room for storage and organizing.

Invest In Shelving

The first tip in organizing your garage is to invest in shelving. Shelving will maximize your garage space and allow you to organize your belongings much easier. The best thing about shelving is that they are relatively affordable, stable, easy to assemble and can hold a lot of weight.

Use Your Vertical Space

Many homeowners fail to make the most of all of the space their garage has to offer. If you have a lot of stuff to organize, don’t forget to use your vertical space. The ceiling inside your garage offers valuable square footage to use for storage. If you have a high ceiling, consider using that space to hang things such as kayaks, bikes and surfboards. These types of items take up too much space on the wall or floor.

Keep Things Easily Accessible

A common reason why garages get messy easily is that owners do not make their belongings easily accessible. Do not store your belongings multiple layers deep. You should be able to get to everything without too much effort. If you have your car stored in your garage, don’t organize it in a way where you have to pull your car out to get to everything.

Do Not Be Afraid To Use A Wrench

This organization tip coincides with a tip on using shelving. Installing a roof-top tent holder for your kayaks, bikes and other gear will involve turning screws. These stakes are typically lower inside of your garage than they are in your living room. Do not be afraid to make mistakes. It is okay if you need to reposition, redrill and repeat the process. To put your mind at ease, consider hiring a contractor to help you install shelving and racks for your belongings and gear.

Bins And More Bins

When it comes to organizing your garage, plastic bins are going to be a key part of the process. Plastic bins are great for keeping your belongings safe during storage. When sealed properly, your belongings will be safe from rodents, bugs and inclement weather. To make finding your belongings easier, consider opting for clear containers or labeling the outside of them. When you are looking for an item, you don’t want to have to search through multiple containers in order to find it.

Plan For Different Seasons

If your garage is relatively small or has your vehicle in it, try to make your seasonal gear and belongings easily accessible. Your winter gear, such as skis, more accessible during the summer time than your bike, pump and helmet are. Rearrange your garage to match what you will need during each season.

Donate Unneeded Items

When you first start organizing your garage, you should make time to go through all of your belongings and find items you no longer need. Consider donating or selling you no longer use or have room for. The more items you get rid of in the beginning of your organization process, the easier it will be to complete. During this time, bring everything out of your garage so that you can sweep the floors and make sure you don’t have any pest issues. Have everything cleaned and ready to move back into the garage.


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