8 Interesting Facts About Toyota


Toyota is known as a quality brand, one that embraces advanced technology while developing ways to make it better. Toyota vehicles are popular because they offer luxury, good fuel economy and longevity. Here are eight interesting facts about Toyota.

Twenty-Year-Old Toyotas are Still on the Road

It’s been said that a “Toyota will run forever,” and while this is an exaggeration, statistics confirm that 80 percent of Toyota vehicles purchased 20 years ago are still running today. The reason for this is that the carmaker designs its cars to last beyond their warranty periods. In fact, statistics show that the Toyota Corolla is one of the longest lasting cars that people can buy. To keep its cars on the road, Toyota focuses on building a quality product.

Toyota Holds the Record for the Highest Number of Patents

The record for global patents is more than 1,000, and this record is held by Toyota. The car company is ready to bring out a number of new vehicle models in the future, which means that more auto-related innovations are on the way. According to MSN, for the third consecutive year, Toyota received the award from the Intellectual Property Association for “Top Automotive Innovator.” With advanced systems like Toyota Safety Sense and batteries that last as long as the company’s cars, Toyota proves why it has so many patents.

Toyota is the Leading Green Auto Brand

Last year, Inter brand Survey ranked Toyota as the number one green auto brand. The car company received this ranking due to its manufacturing policies and because of the number of Toyota hybrids that are out on the road throughout the world. Toyota brought out the Prius 20 years ago. The Prius was the first hybrid vehicle in the world, and when it was first introduced, it was considered a rarity. Today, there are an estimated 10 million hybrids around the world.

Toyota was Originally Toyoda

Sakichi Toyoda founded Toyoda Loom Works. The auto company was established in 1937. As the company began to grow and expand, those in charge wanted a name and an emblem that would work in English and Japanese. To pick one, the automaker held a competition. The name “Toyota” won out because it’s associated with the number eight in Japanese, which is considered lucky.

Best Resale Value

Market research shows that Toyota has the most vehicle models with the best resale value. From the hybrid Prius to the Land Cruiser, Toyota vehicles hold their value. In the category of previously owned vehicles, Toyota’s sell super-fast. Brand reputation plays into the reason behind this as does vehicle condition. Some vehicles withstand everyday wear and tear better than others, and Toyota falls into this category.

A Major Job Supplier

Toyota is a major supplier of jobs throughout the world. There are 240 Toyota dealers just in Canada. Because of the number of franchises, there are now somewhere around 12,000 Toyota jobs. The automaker’s vehicles are sold in more than 170 countries, and it has 53 overseas factories in 28 different countries. People like working for the company because of its ingenuity and work atmosphere.

High-End Equipment Comes Standard

To enhance the quality of its vehicles, Toyota decided to make some of its high-end equipment standard in all of its vehicles. Every new Toyota vehicle now comes with Safety Sense. This feature consists of in-vehicle cameras, pre-collision systems and front-grille mounted radar. Toyota is also including Bluetooth Hands-Free Connectivity standard in the Camry.

Toyota Embraces Alternate Sources of Power

Toyota’s new Prius Plug-in Hybrid will feature a solar roof. This will provide power to the electronics inside the car’s cabin. The solar roof will even charge the battery when the car is parked. Toyota has also developed the world’s first hydrogen fuel cell car, one that can drive for 300 miles on a 5kg tank of hydrogen. The car produces its hydrogen fuel from 50 liters of water.

An Eye on the Future

Toyota’s massive research and development budget, which is around $9 billion dollars annually, shows the company’s dedication to making the cars of tomorrow. In 10 or 20 years, the car company is sure to accomplish a slew of new and interesting facts, ones that you’ll want to read about.


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