8 Quick Tips for Adjusting Your Puppy to a New Environment


You have just moved into your new home and wondering why your pet is uneasy or how to help them fit in the new environment. Just like a new home can be scary for you, puppies get scared around a new environment. Therefore, you need to help them adjust to the new house and new rules, especially for the first few weeks. These guidelines will help you if you are planning to bring a new puppy home or if you are planning to relocate to a new environment.

Give your puppy enough time to decompress by starting slowly

One of the best ways of helping your puppy adjust to a new home is by taking them slow. Give the puppy one on one time to learn about his new family and home, as you allow him to explore the yard and house. Some puppies take more time than others to adjust to new surroundings, and it can be overwhelming. Also, avoid over stimulating your puppy during the first few days by making them comfortable if they come up to you seeking for your attention.

Give the puppy his space

You can consider getting a space for the puppy to ensure that he is comfortable and a place for him to retreat when he is tired, such as a safe spot or a comfortable bed. Some puppies require their space and extra time to relax once in a while, primarily due to the stress of being in a new environment. If you realize that your puppy is not in the mood to play with you or cuddle, try offering him something they can do on their own or offering the awesome things. It is a simple act, but it goes a long way in building trust with the puppy and making them feel comfortable in the new environment.

Be ready for stomach issues due to diet change

You are most likely to notice diarrhea from your puppy once you move to your home, either due to a sudden change in their diet or stress. You can consider giving your puppy the same menu they used to consume in the old home or ask the shelter or rescue the food the puppy was used to eating so that you avoid changing. You can ease diarrhea caused by relocation by being easy on the puppy the first few weeks. However, consider consulting your veterinary officer if the puppy has diarrhea for more than a week.

Lost appetite

Most puppies lose appetite after moving to a new location. You can offer the puppy a high-value food like ham or chicken so that they don’t starve and as a way of making the puppy feel comfortable in the new home. Also, if the puppy doesn’t like the high-value food you give them after two or three days after moving to the new location, consider checking with a veterinarian. Besides, shy puppies take more time than others to get comfortable enough and eat regular meals in the new home.

Beware of escape attempts

You should always keep your puppy on a leash all the time when you are going for outdoor activity. Some puppies try to escape when they are in new surroundings. Puppies feel stressed out and fearful of new surroundings. Therefore, never leave your puppy unsupervised because he might jump over the fence or dig under fences until you know that they feel comfortable in the new home.

Maintain a routine

Puppies perform best on routines, and the sooner it learns how the new home functions, the more comfortable the puppy becomes. You can maintain a routine by feeding at the same time every day, going out daily at the same time, and going to bed at the same time every night. Maintain the routine so that the puppy understands it and learns what is expected of him.

Don’t overwhelm them

You might be tempted to introduce your puppy to all your friends and relatives. However, avoid overwhelming them until they feel secure and comfortable. Similarly, avoid going out for trips and to the store or park until the puppy is comfortable.

Don’t get discouraged if it takes a while

You need to be patient with your puppy as they try to fit in the new home. Sometimes it might take a while, but you shouldn’t be discouraged if the puppy doesn’t warm up to you. Take it slow and make the adjustment more manageable for the puppy.


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