8 Tips for Creating the Perfect Balcony


Balconies are common fixtures that can be found on most apartments and houses. They are versatile sources of relaxation, entertainment, and convenience. Below, you will find eight tips for creating the perfect balcony for whatever function it will serve in your daily life.

1. The View

When you begin to set up your perfect balcony, take some time to stand out on the balcony and observe the world around you. It will become important for your relaxation to choose the best orientation for you balcony furniture that will give you the best view. You want to avoid facing your balcony furniture towards unsightly landmarks, tall buildings that block your view, and direct sunlight due to its uncomfortable and blinding nature. Pick a spot that will offer shade and a beautiful view of the area.

2. The Seating

If you plan on spending large amounts of time enjoying the atmosphere of your balcony, choosing the correct type of seat for your long-lasting comfort and relaxation will be critical. There are many different types of lounge chairs that are designed to fit into narrow areas such as a balcony. It is beneficial to choose an outdoor chair that reclines and has thick cushioning to provide your back and posterior with adequate support. Any furniture you choose for your balcony should also be resistant to adverse weather.

3. The Conveniences

A balcony can be used for more than just lounging in the sunlight. Many people find that working outside increases their productivity. If you happen to work from home or bring your work home with you, adding a table to your balcony can provide you with a flat surface on which to do your work while enjoying the refreshing breeze of working outdoors.

4. The Flora

A balcony can be a colorless and plain area of your home without the proper decorations. A beautiful garden is a perfect addition to brighten up the aesthetic of any balcony. Due to the limited amount of room available on a balcony, the garden you create cannot be very large. There are some very clever tips available online that will guide you in creating a balcony garden that is suitable for the amount of space you have as well as the types of flora that grow best in your area.

5. The Safety

Balconies possess a sense of danger to some people. Although they’re designed to be safe with high railings to prevent falling accidents, there’s still something unsettling about being so high off the ground with no walls for protection. To help increase the safety of your balcony, especially if you have small children, consider installing a set of child-proof netting or other forms of blockades on your balcony. This will provide a safer balcony environment for children and small pets.

6. The Lighting

Balconies are great places to hang out in the evenings. Whether you want to sit and chat with friends or spend time with your family under the stars, your balcony is the perfect gathering place for such activities. Once the sun sets, your balcony could benefit from a few modest light fixtures. Portable LED lanterns, candles, and strings of decorative lights are all great additions to your balcony that can provide light and atmosphere on dark evenings.

7. The Bugs

The time you spend outside can often be interrupted by the introduction of bugs into your personal space. While many bugs mind their own business and are just passing by, some bugs can be annoying, venomous, or even dangerous if you’re allergic. The best way to repel bugs on your balcony is to set out a few bug zappers to rid your area of the pests. For added protection, bug repellent spray can be applied to your skin.

8. The Entertainment

Your balcony is a perfect place for reading, playing card games, listening to music, playing your favorite instrument, or working on a beloved hobby. Whatever form of entertainment you enjoy on a daily basis, place a little container on your balcony to hold the items for your favorite form of entertainment so that it’s always within reach when you walk on your balcony for a bit of leisurely time.


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