8 Tips for ironing clothes

Ironing is a difficult task that the majority of people do not enjoy completing on a regular basis because of the time and effort needed for this commonly completed task. Huff Post explains the issue of ironing is one we all face and can be a task we can complete far faster than expected when done in the right way. Taking a few tips from clothing experts and ironing professionals could make your ironing chores pass by far more quickly and efficiently.

1. Get your preparation right

The first step is to take a look at your equipment and make sure it is ready for the ironing you are about to complete. You should always be using a high-quality ironing board with a tightly-wrapped cover that does not have any bumps or creases that can affect the finished product of your ironing. Your ironing board should be level when you start your chores for the day with a range of high-quality items with a stain-free iron ready to use.

2. Sort out your clothes

Once you have inspected your ironing board and iron you should take a look at your clothes to make sure they are ready to be ironed. Any clothes with stains should be removed from the ironing pile and rewashed or the damage to the item could be irreversible. Each type of clothing has a different setting on your iron that will be easier to handle should they be sorted into piles from the coolest setting completed first to the hottest ironed last.

3. Make sure your iron is hot

Give your iron a little time to warm up before you begin ironing clothes to make sure it is ready to use. Some experts run the iron over the ironing board cover to make sure all creases are removed and to make sure the iron is hot and ready for use.

4. Fill a handy water spray bottle

When you are about to start ironing a large amount of water sprayed onto each garment will be your friend. Soaking a shirt with water will make it easier for you to remove all creases and create a better way of ironing your clothes.

5. Start with the inside of cuffs

When you are ready to start ironing it is important to follow a few simple tips when it comes to achieving the perfect crease. Firstly, you should start ironing a shirt by running your hot iron over the inside of your cuffs. Better Homes and Gardens reports you should move from cuffs to the sleeves before ironing the front of the shirt flat. One of the most difficult parts of ironing a shirt is the small placket of bunched fabric at the rear of your shirt. By making this as flat as possible you can make the ironing procedure as simple as possible.

6. Turn out the pockets of your pants

When you are looking to iron trousers there are many problems you face but by turning out your pockets you will find it easier to create a fresh ironed look. By removing pockets from the ironing equation, you will find it easier to create a better-finished product for your trousers.

7. Make sure your clothes are damp

The use of a spray bottle is one of the simplest ways of achieving a high-quality look to your clothes after ironing but you can take a few steps. One option is to line-dry your clothes to allow gravity to pull out many of the creases before ironing to complete the process when clothes are still damp.

8. Remember to remove water from your iron

When you are finished with your ironing you are not quite finished with the process of getting the most out of your ironing. If water is not removed from your iron before you put it away you run the risk of caulk building up within and causing staining in the future.

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