9 Important Tips for Finding an Apartment in the Boston Area

9 Important Tips For Finding An Apartment In The Boston Area

Moving to a new apartment can be exciting. Boston is also a fun place to live. However, there are a lot of things that you need to look for when trying to find an apartment in Boston.

Search During the Off-Season 

Most people move from April to August. That is why if you look for an apartment during this time, then you will probably have a harder time finding one. The best time to look for an apartment is during the winter months. This is a less busy time, so you will have an easier time getting the apartment that you want.

Have a Roommate or Cosigner 

The requirements needed to get an apartment will depend on the property manager that you choose. However, because Boston is a major city, many property managers require that you make four times the rent. For example, if the monthly rent is $1,000, then they will likely require that you make at least $4,000 per month.

Your credit will also be checked. If you do not meet the income and credit requirements, then you can get a co-signer. The co-signer will be responsible for paying the rent if you are unable to. You can also get a roommate.

Be Prepared 

You should have a copy of your recent pay stubs and the contact information of your landlords. This shows the property manager that you are serious about your apartment search. You should also be prepared to put down a deposit.

Look at the Condition of the Apartment 

You should take a close look at the apartment. Does the apartment have exterior lighting? Are the windows in great condition? Are the doors in good condition? Those are some of the questions that you need to answer.

Outdoor Space 

You want to have a place where you can sit outside when the weather is nice. That is why you should look for an apartment that has a patio and yard. If the apartment does not have a lot of outdoor space, then you should find out if there is a park nearby.


You should choose an apartment that is close to stores, public transportation, schools, and restaurants. You should pull up the apartment on Google Maps and see how far you are from what you need. Additionally, it is important to make sure that you live in a safe area. Research the crime in the area.

Pet Policy 

If you will be bringing a pet or plan on getting one in the future, then you should make sure that your landlord accepts pets. You should also ask about the types of pets that are allowed. Some landlords will only allow certain dog breeds. They may also not allow animals that are over a certain weight.


The location of the apartment will affect the amount of noise that you hear. If you live near a bar, train or restaurant, then you will likely hear a lot of noise at times. You should also pay attention to the thickness of the walls. Additionally, you may want to consider choosing a top floor apartment. You will not hear the people who live below you.


Washer and dryer connections and dishwashers are not necessary. However, they can make your life a lot easier. You should also ask about the heating and cooling system. Some apartments have central heating and air while others have room air conditioners. Additionally, you should ask some of the current tenants about the average electric bill cost so that you will not be hit with any surprises.


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