Everything You Need to Know Before Buying Manufacturing Software


Each year, many businesses take time to plan for their expenditures for the following year. Many of these organizations take into account equipment, materials, staff and many other important things when making their plans. For a lot of other organizations, especially smaller ones, manufacturing software has to be added to the list as well.

As companies begin to experience growth, there comes a point when simple Google Docs and spreadsheets are not enough to plan and schedule for their ongoing financial management and inventory needs. As the growth continues to accelerate, managing these sources can slow down the organization’s efficiency and lead to missed deliveries and other costly errors.

Must Haves For Manufacturing Software

No matter what extra features a business might need when purchasing manufacturing software, there are certain features that all software needs to have incorporated into it. These features include:

•Materials Planning And Costing

A good manufacturing software should allow ease of scheduling, forecasting and materials planning. It should also include robust reporting to allow business owners to act on the information they see in real time.

•Shop Floor Control/Management

This part of the manufacturing software database can allow control of the shop’s activity from staffing to capacity and all work in progress.

•Supply Chain/Inventory

For many smaller businesses, keeping control of the inventory is crucial for maintaining control of cash flow. No business wants to have too much cash tied up in inventory or too little inventory to be able to complete orders in a timely manner because of worries of having enough cash flow on hand. Inventory control allows organizations to be more efficient with their inventory. Management software can allow for lot tracking, low inventory alerts, shipment planning and many other critical features that will allow efficiency within the inventory processes.

Choices In Management Software – What You Should Know Upfront

With the advancements of cloud computing and SaaS, the options of manufacturing software to choose from are many. Knowing which software to choose can be confusing for many smaller businesses. However, selecting the right software is crucial because it is what will ensure efficiency with cost control. It is also an important long-term investment that can become an integral part of your company’s culture as it grows and the system matures.

Below are some key requirements to understand before making the decision on which business manufacturing software to choose.

1. Understand Your Strategic Requirements

Many smaller businesses need software with more tracking and automation than others because of their specific production strategies. Others may want to automate as many of their processes as possible in order to stay ahead of their rapid growth. Companies considering manufacturing software should develop their need for it based on their strategic plans for market penetration and business growth.

2. Realize Needs Of Functionality

No organization is going to want to buy manufacturing software with functions they don’t need or want to pay for. Purchase a software package that will fill your current business needs and that allows you to upgrade to additional functionality requirements as they become necessary.

3. Determine Staff Impact

Another thing to consider is how the implementation of the management software will impact your staff. Manufacturing software is not just a simple program. It is a long-term investment that will end up becoming an integral part of your organization and culture. Long learning curves by your employees can have a negative impact on your business’s culture and can result in a lack of efficiency with your practices.

4. Trial Basis Before Buying

No two manufacturing software is the same. Each vendor typically offers full feature trials for organizations to take on a trial run before considering the purchase. Choosing software for a trial run can be an invaluable way to determine if it is a good fit for your business and will add to it the value you are looking for.

Those are just a few of the requirements to take into consideration before you purchase manufacturing software to implement into your organization. It is important to include your staff and some customers in the process to ensure it’ll be a great fit. Choosing new software to implement does not have to be daunting if you take time to research, plan and accurately assess the needs of your business and staff first.


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