The Five Most Beautiful Beaches in Mexico


Are you searching for an interesting international travel destination with beautiful beaches? Then look no further than Mexico. From the verdant Yucatan Peninsula to the golden Pacific Coast, Mexico has enough stunning beaches to keep you coming back every year for more. Listed here are five gorgeous options for your next Mexican seaside adventure.


At the northeast corner of the Yucatan Peninsula, Cancun is a beach lover’s paradise. With glimmering white sand and crystalline blue water, the beaches of Cancun have the perfect aesthetic of a quintessential tropical paradise.

Cancun’s beaches are lined with affordable resorts that offer private beaches. For more cost-conscious travelers, there are hotels and hostels away from the water and an excellent array of pristine public beaches.

Its location in the Yucatan Peninsula means Cancun is a perfect base to further explore the magnificent sights of the region. From the Mayan ruins at Chitzen Itza to the famous cenote sinkholes, you are bound to find compelling adventures on your off-days from the surf and the sand.

Playa Del Carmen

Located just a little ways south of Cancun, Playa Del Carmen is another delightful spot on the “Riviera Maya”. Its picturesque beauty is just as exquisite as Cancun, and its higher-end establishments give off an elegant vibe.

“Playa” attracts many international visitors (as well as some that stay for good, which gives it a bit more of a cosmopolitan feel than its northern neighbor). The town itself boasts a quaint central square, and is also an excellent jumping off point for the wonders of the peninsula. From Playa del Carmen, the ruins of Tulum are only a short ride away.

Cabo San Lucas

At the southern tip of Baja California, this gorgeous beach town offers delightful scenery and excellent opportunities to explore the local marine life. In the 1970’s Cabo became the go-to place for celebrities seeking a luxurious retreat. The signs of that era are still present, with posh houses and high-end golf courses spread around the area.

But despite its high-end fame, Cabo is still an excellent destination for folks with a standard budget. It doesn’t feel as elitist as it used to, and you will encounter plenty of typical families just out to hit the beach.

Puerto Vallarta

Located farther down the Pacific Coast on Mexico’s mainland, this beach-side city offers a wide variety of fun. There are quieter beaches for those looking to relax, while adrenaline junkies can count on parasailing and windsurfing options. The city feels small, but offers all of the dining and lodging options you could ever hope to find.

For the travel-minded types, Puerto Vallarta is also not far from the Guadalajara, the home of such classic Mexican traditions as tequila and mariachi.


Located on the Pacific Coast in the southern state of Oaxaca, this paradise offers a different kind of Mexican beach vacation. The area consists of numerous bays and beaches, all of which offer their unique charms. For the adventurous types or those that seek seclusion, some of the most beautiful beaches can only be accessed by hiking. You can also enjoy walking trails, nature parks, and waterfalls.

Its location in the southern part of the country means that Huatulco can offer you a different type of Mexican experience. The state of Oaxaca is famous for its special cuisine, and you can try original dishes you likely wouldn’t find in other parts of Mexico. Oaxaca also has a large indigenous population, allowing visitors to experience a different subset of the heterogeneous Mexican culture.

Mexico is a delightful country with friendly people, a unique culture, and delicious cuisine. Furthermore, it boasts impressive swaths of coastline on two different oceans. By picking one of the destinations listed above, you can ensure an unforgettable trip with plenty of sand, lots of sea, and maybe some tacos and tequila to boot!


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