How to Choose a Paint Color for Your Kitchen


Of all the rooms inside your home, perhaps the kitchen is the most important. Not only are family meals cooked there, but it also serves as a gathering place where family and friends can not only enjoy a great meal, but also discuss their days. Because of this, it is important to have the kitchen feel as warm and inviting as possible. But to do so, this means selecting the right paint colors that will complement not only other parts of your home, but also will make the kitchen a place where people want to congregate. If you are preparing to paint your kitchen but still have questions as to the color scheme, here are some suggestions you may want to consider.

White and Gray

If you want to make your kitchen look and feel refreshed and full of energy, most home improvement experts recommend using either white or gray when painting your kitchen. By doing so, the colors will not only work well together, but will also serve as excellent complimentary colors to whatever colors you choose for your kitchen cabinets and backsplash. In addition, these colors make it easier to add other splashes of color throughout the kitchen, particularly with new appliances that may have been recently purchased.

Light Blue

Arguably the favorite color of most people, painting your kitchen a light shade of blue can have many benefits. Along with giving the room a clean and crisp appearance, light blue can also help people relax in the kitchen, since the color has been shown to be one that leads to mellow and happy feelings. However, if you prefer to use a darker shade of blue in your kitchen, it is best to do so sparingly. Otherwise, your kitchen will probably look too dark or intense, diminishing its role as a room in which everyone should feel relaxed.


Considered the most popular paint color for kitchens, yellow offers a variety of good reasons for its use in kitchens. A color associated with making people feel happy, yellow is also thought to be a color that helps to increase a person’s appetite. Therefore, if you want to make sure your family and friends are in a good mood and ready to eat everything on their plates, consider using softer shades of yellow along with splashes of white or gray. Once you do, you’ll have a kitchen that will be hard to resist.

Outside Light

When deciding what color to paint your kitchen, always make sure you take into consideration how much outside light will be shining through your kitchen windows. Often overlooked, the light that shines in and bounces off your kitchen walls will have a significant impact on how color will be viewed by you and your guests. For example, if you have green walls and live in a spot where you have plants that stay green year-round, the light coming into your kitchen will make the green inside appear even stronger. Therefore, if you have a large amount of light shining in your kitchen, most experts recommend sticking with neutral colors such as white or gray.

Don’t Give In To Trends

Even if a color is considered to be a trendy color for use in today’s modern kitchens, that does not necessarily mean it will be a perfect fit for your kitchen. For example, bluish-green is now considered a cool color for use in kitchens by many younger homeowners. However, many home decorating experts recommend against it, saying these colors do not look good near food, and thus should be used sparingly if at all. Along with this, most experts recommend any trendy hues should be used in moderation within a kitchen, and can be made to look better by adding such items as wooden bar stools that can be painted in these colors.

Personal Preferences

In the end, whatever color you choose to paint your kitchen comes down to personal preferences. Whether you choose to be conservative and use white and gray, decide to be a bit more bold and use yellow, or choose to be a bit unconventional and let your imagination run wild, your kitchen will truly be a reflection of your personality.


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