The Benefits of Metal Buildings


As you prepare to construct a new building or to renovate an existing structure, a closer look at exterior wall cladding options is in order. While there are several popular cladding options available for both residential and commercial structures, you may understandably be drawn to the aesthetics of metal buildings. Metal buildings have a unique look that makes them stand apart from others, but there is more to love about this material than its appearance. These are some of the additional benefits that you can enjoy if you choose to build a metal structure on your property.

Reduced Likelihood of Condensation Accumulation

The problem of mold growth in homes and businesses is significant and unfortunately common. While plumbing leaks, major rainstorms, and other factors are often to blame, another common cause of indoor mold relates to moisture entering the structure through exterior walls. While some materials allow at least some humidity or moisture to enter the exterior wall space, aluminum, steel, and other metals that are commonly used as exterior wall cladding are impermeable to moisture. Condensation on the interior side of metal walls that are created by temperature differential may be controlled by a water vapor or moisture barrier and insulation. By reducing moisture and related mold growth concerns, you may enjoy lower repair and maintenance costs going forward.

Enhanced Insulative Properties

You understandably want to choose a building material that adds true value to the property, and one important factor is energy efficiency. Most buildings will be constructed with insulation throughout the exterior wall spaces, but the exterior wall cladding also plays an important role in energy efficiency. Metal is one of the more energy efficient building materials available, and its properties are enhanced when you add quality insulation behind the metal. You can reasonably expect to enjoy lower energy bills when you choose insulated metal as the exterior of your building.

Moderated External Noise Pollution

Some people have a false assumption that metal structures do not block external noises adequately, but this is not the case. Metal is an excellent insulator of external noise pollution, and this means that the interior of the structure more has a quieter and more enjoyable ambiance. For further noise control benefits, choose a superior insulation material to install behind the metal wall cladding. Keep in mind that other exterior features also impact external noise pollution. For example, the insulative properties of your structure’s windows and doors can affect how much noise filters inside the structure, so these features should also be selected carefully and based on thorough research. While it may be desirable to keep external noises out of your building, there may be a need to keep internal noises inside in some cases. For example, if you are building a commercial structure that will be used for manufacturing or assembly activities, you may need to control sounds to comply with city ordinances.

Overall Affordability

You may think that you would have to pay a fortune to enjoy all of these benefits in one external wall cladding material. The good news is that metal buildings have all of these benefits, and they also are relatively affordable compared to other external building materials that may be used. For example, stucco and brick are also common exterior wall materials that may be relatively expensive to use. When you do a side-by-side comparison of costs as well as benefits for these various materials, you may determine that metal is a superior choice for overall value. The best way to determine the actual cost savings that you may enjoy is to request actual quotes for metal in comparison to some of the other materials that you may be thinking about using.

There are many factors to consider as you select the right exterior building material to use. As you compare the options and try to decide which material to use for your upcoming construction or renovation project, it may be helpful to create a list of factors or qualities that are most important to you. Each material has unique properties and benefits, but you may discover that the overwhelming benefits of metal buildings compared to buildings made out of other exterior materials make metal a top contender for your project’s exterior.


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