The Ultimate Guide to Choosing an Engagement Ring She’ll Love


You may have found the right girl, asked for her hand in marriage, and even crafted a beautiful proposal. However, have you found the right engagement ring? An engagement ring is one of the most important jewelry you’re likely to purchase in your lifetime. Shopping for the right ring can be overwhelming due to the pressure that comes with the purchase.

Moreover, you don’t want to disappoint your significant other by buying her something she won’t be proud to show off to her family or friends.
However, the process doesn’t have to be complicated or confusing. Here’s the ultimate guide to choosing an engagement ring she’ll love.

Determine Your Budget

Different ads like to convince you that the price tag on a ring is directly linked to how much you love your spouse. You’ll see large diamond rings with the lowest price tag and discounts. However, you realize that the prices and pictures are not what you expected. Before you go shopping for an engagement ring, you need to first determine how much you can reasonably spend. Do not go over your budget and end up with loans you can’t repay.

When you want to propose, do not delay because you cannot afford a ridiculously priced ring. Remember that you can always get a better ring for an anniversary in future.

Are You Looking For a Vintage, Modern, or Classic Ring?

Once you enter a ring shop, you’ll have to decide on whether to settle for a traditional or modern, understated or flashy, or a gold or silver ring. You can make this choice easier by observing what your spouse wears often. If she prefers heavy gold pieces, go for a simple or modern design. Furthermore, you can bring her friend along as well as photos of her favorite pieces of jewelry.

You can also take her to a jewelry shop on another pretext, say shopping for watches. Look at what she’s more interested in and take a note.

Find Out the Ring Size

Picking out the perfect ring is just the beginning. You don’t want to end up with a ring that won’t fit your fiancée when you’re proposing. The best way to get the right fit is to bring a ring that she is not wearing to the jeweler to have it measured. Remember that you don’t want her finding out about the surprise. You can either have a friend get you her favorite ring or sneak and get a ring from her jewelry box.

Know The Four Cs

The diamond is the focal point of most engagement rings. However, the shop attendant may explain some terms that may seem like a foreign language to you. When choosing a diamond ring, you need to consider the four Cs which are the carat weight, color, cut, and clarity.

The cut refers to the proportions and angles of the stone, and it’s the most important. A diamond with the right cut exposes lights from one side to the other and projects the light through the highest part of the stone. Avoid diamonds that are cut too shallow or too deep as they tend to leak light through the bottom, giving a ring a lackluster appearance.

Another significant element when choosing a diamond ring is the color. Colorless diamonds are most expensive and rare. The most popular diamonds are white. The clarity of a diamond affects its price. The fewer fractures or minerals the diamonds has, the better and more expensive it will be. Clarity is measured on a scale of Sl1 and Sl2.
The weight of a diamond is known as the carat. You’re going to pay more for a heavier stone.

Consider the Shape of the Diamond

There are various shapes of the diamond namely princess, round, pear, heart, and oval. Round engagement rings are the most popular and account for at least 75% of diamond sales. However, you can choose other shapes that you may find perfect for your engagement ring.

Decide on Whether to Go Custom

A custom-made engagement ring can be a pleasant surprise for your spouse. All you will need is her ring size and her preferences.
Finding the ideal ring for her will take a lot of research and consulting. The above tips will help make the process less lengthy and easier.


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