Why You Need Your Land Surveyed


If you are buying a piece of property, then it is important for you to have a land survey done. If you are thinking about skipping this step, then you might not be aware of all of the reasons why land surveys are a good thing. A few reasons why you should have your land surveyed have been listed here. Once you check them out and once you talk to a land surveyor about the benefits of what he or she does, you’re sure to see that having a land survey done before or shortly after purchasing a piece of land is truly a good idea.

Know What You’re Getting When Buying a Piece of Property

It’s really ideal to have a land survey done before you even make an offer on a piece of property. Of course, since you will probably be the one who has to pay for the land survey, you don’t want to have one done until you feel confident that you do want to buy a piece of land. Having the land survey done before you finalize the paperwork, however, is a good way to make sure that you know exactly what you are getting. Then, you can make your purchase with confidence.

Start Making Plans for What You’ll Do With Your Property

You might already have ideas in mind of what you want to do with the piece of land that you are thinking about purchasing. You can’t completely make your plans until you know exactly what you are working with, however. As soon as you get your land survey done, you can start making plans about things like where you’re going to install your fence and where you’re going to build your home or install structures on the property. It’s actually best to start making too many plans until you have a land survey, so the sooner that you get the survey done, the better.

Avoid Having Arguments with Your Neighbors

When you’re new to a neighborhood, you probably want to make a good impression on your neighbors. After all, you could be hoping that you and your new neighbors will get along well. Unfortunately, you’re not going to make a very good impression — and you are potentially going to end up having arguments with your neighbors — if you make mistakes like driving on their properties or even installing structures on their properties without realizing it. These are easy mistakes to make if you don’t have a land survey for your piece of land, but if you have the survey done before you spend too much time doing anything on the property, then you can avoid disputes. In fact, your neighbors might even be interested in seeing your land survey paperwork themselves, since it might provide them with information about where their own property lines are, too.

Have Documentation to Back Up Your Purchase’s Value

If you are just now buying a piece of land, you probably are not planning on selling it anytime soon. However, you might want to sell it sometime in the next few years. If this does happen, then you will probably want to get the most for your land that you can. Having documentation to back up the value of the land is helpful, and a land survey will help with that. For one thing, if a land survey has been done recently, then the buyer will know that he or she doesn’t have to have another one done. Plus, he or she will know more about the land and about its size. These things can lead to you getting more when you sell your piece of land if you do end up selling it sometime in the next few years.

A land survey really is not something that you should skip when you’re buying a piece of land. Even though people do purchase land every day without having a land survey done, they are taking a big risk and aren’t fully taking advantage of their purchase. Fortunately, you should not have a difficult time finding a land surveyor in your area, so you should be able to hire someone to do this job for you before or shortly after you purchase a piece of land.


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