5 Cool Facts about Hydrographic Printing


Hydrographic printing, or water transfer printing, is the act of transferring a pattern or design onto an object by dipping that object into water that holds the pattern paint coat on top of it. This process of printing or painting has becoming incredibly popular over the last few years, and many people have been hydrographic printing, or hydro-dipping for several years. Even though it has been growing pretty popular lately, there are a few things that you might not know about the process. Here are a few random facts about hydrographic printing.

Quick Process

Hydrographic printing is a quick process. The overall process allows you to get the correct colors that are typically impossible to print without this water process. The colors are also soft, but the process doesn’t take hours to complete. Once the pattern and design are dropped on the water and prepared, the object is dunked and then covered in that pattern. Once it is dried, the object is typically covered with a sealant to prevent the pattern from rubbing off or fading. Overall, the process is faster than using many dyes, especially if you want to print on fabrics. Many people choose this printing method for the speed and ease it gives printers.

Unique Process

No other printing in the world has been done this way. When printed in this unique way, the colors of the design do not overpower anything, and they remain soft enough to look amazing. This printing method also allows you to print patterns and designs that are soft on the eyes. The process is also unique because this is the only method of printing that uses water in this way. With no chemicals, a simple process, and the ability to use it on most objects, this printing process is incredibly unique and amazing.

Environmentally Friendly

This printing method is good for the plant. How? Well, it uses just water and colors that do not harm the soil or ground. The water soaks through the media that it is working to dye, and it doesn’t fade like other dyes. Since it doesn’t have any harm to the ground and it uses simple water, this printing concept is perfect for keeping the environment clean while getting beautiful artwork at the same time. There are no harsh chemicals that are used in this printing method since it is only water and color.

It is Simple

You might have guessed already, by hydrographic printing is a simple process. It doesn’t take much to pour the water into the bucket or tin, add the colors, mix the colors, and dip the object. It is simpler than any other form of printing on the market, and it can be used as often as needed to get the best color mixes and patterns. With such a simple method, anyone can print by using hydro-dipping. There is just one thing to remember when using this method. You should cover anything you do not want to be covered with the pattern by using painter’s tape.

Safe for Fabrics

Hydrographic printing is safe for various objects, including fabrics. When using this method of printing, the colors on the surface of the water soaks into the fabric better. Unlike traditional dyes, these colors do not wash out very easily, making it easier to maintain the beautiful artwork. Since the process is easy to complete, as mentioned earlier, the dyes are easier to get on the fabrics. The printing method also doesn’t use any harsh chemicals, so it is much safer for use on fabrics and other objects than many dyes. It is also better for the planet, as we mentioned earlier in the article.

For those looking for a great printing method, hydrographic printing, which is also known as both hydro-dipping and hydro printing, is easy to use a ,unique method that many people choose. It uses just water and colors that blend on the surface. The printer then dips the object to be printed into the water, with the color surrounding the object. When the colors adhere to the object, it is removed from the water and set to dry. This process is better for the environment and free of harsh chemicals. Overall, hydrographic printing is an interesting way to get a beautiful piece of art.


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