How a Great Front Door Increases Property Value


There are many excellent steps that you can take to bolster property value, such as by updating your home’s flooring or remodeling the kitchen. One of the easier steps that you can take is to focus on the front door. Updating or upgrading your front door may be a simple enough project for you to complete on your own, but you may not understand how it can affect your property value significantly. After all, some doors can be improved with a coat of paint, and others can be replaced with a stylish new door that only costs a few hundred dollars. In many cases, you can recoup the value of your investment almost dollar for dollar through increased property value. With a closer look at what you can expect after completing this relatively easy improvement project, you may be ready to get started on this project.

Enhanced Curb Appeal

Your front door is one of the more noticeable features on your home’s exterior. When the door is in poor condition, it can make the home look poorly maintained. On the other hand, when the door has charm and personality, it can dress up the home’s exterior and enhance its style. Remember that an upgraded front door can replace a boring, worn out door with a trendy door. This new front door may have a rustic or country look, a modern feel or some other appeal. It may also have beautiful hardware, lovely window features and even a stunning color that makes the door pop. These elements can dramatically improve curb appeal and can make your home feel more warm and inviting.

Increased Desirability

When you think about your home’s value, you may think about its assessed value for property tax purposes. However, when the time comes for you to sell the home, its value will be reflected in the offer that you receive from an interested buyer. In a sense, the home’s value is only equivalent to what someone else is willing to pay for it. With this in mind, you can see that improving the home’s desirability can increase its value. The front door is a critical selling point when listing a home. Remember that the front door impacts curb appeal, and this is noticed in online pictures as well as when an interested buyer approaches the home. It may be a focal point while the buyer is standing on the front porch watching the real estate agent tinker with the door lock. The door sets the tone for the buyer’s entire experience touring the space. Both the front door’s color and its overall style play direct roles in overall desirability.

Improved Energy Efficiency

A less obvious way that a front door improvement may increase property value is through improved energy efficiency. The material that the front door is made out of as well as the condition of the frame, the weather stripping around it and the presence and thickness of glass inlays all impact energy efficiency. Replacing a door that is made out of material that is a poor insulator and that has extensive glass inlays made out of a single, thin layer of glass with a material that is a better insulator that is less affected by glass inlays could improve energy efficiency dramatically in the home. This is particularly true if the home receives a significant amount of direct sunlight on the front patio or if wind is not blocked by vegetation or other features around the front patio area.

Your primary goal may be to make cost-effective home improvements that play a major role in property value, or you may be interested in dressing up curb appeal in a way that has an impact on property value. Regardless of what your primary goals are, you can see that a reasonable investment in a stylish, quality front door can directly affect property value and can even potentially help you to sell your home faster and for top dollar when you decide to list it for sale. With this in mind, it makes sense to begin searching for a lovely front door that has the right style and color to enhance your home’s exterior.


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