6 Jobs that Require a Qualified Electrician


In the United States, electrical problems are the largest cause of property damage resulting from property damage. To detect and repair electrical safety problems, you should have your home inspected and updated on a regular basis.

1. Home Electrician

When electricity goes out in a home, there is usually immediate panic. After checking the circuit breaker box, which seems to be working, it is time to call an electrician.

This electrician will be trained and experienced in all areas regarding residential electricity. Along with standard electrical wiring, he must be able to install and maintain things such as security systems, energy management systems and fire alarm systems.

When called to a home, the electrician will identify an electrical problem with a number of testing devices and use power and hand tools to make the necessary repairs.

Electricians have equipment that lets them check electric wires in the walls. They can then isolate things such as a broken wire or other problems. By making a small opening in the wall, they can make the necessary repairs.

2. Commercial Electrician

Electricians are often called to stores and other commercial locations to make repairs that require their expertise. In addition, they are active in installing and maintaining wiring, electrical systems and other devices needed to keep a business running efficiently. These establishments, as a rule, have countless pieces of electrical equipment that often needs immediate repair.

One thing that has become important in the commercial arena is their security system. Commercial electricians are also trained in this area and are able to install or repair these systems with no problem.

3. Inside Wireman Electrician

These electricians connect electrical systems and equipment to an outside power source in commercial and interior industrial environments. This includes things such as fire alarms, HVAC systems, control panels, fire alarms, lighting, security and grounding systems within the facility.

They also install transformers and string or maintain new and old transmission lines. This often requires working high in the air. These are the electricians that keep our commercial world operating on a regular basis.

4. Linemen Electrician

These electricians work outdoors to install and maintain power lines. No doubt you have seen them on TV, following heavy storms. Their work involves working with high voltage and is very dangerous.

In addition to the telephone poles, they must also work on high towers in heavy winds. They may work for private power companies or public-owned electrical utilities. They must be able to work high in the air in dangerous situations.

5. Industrial Electrician

Electricians who work in the industrial section of the business must be highly trained. They are responsible for such things as maintenance and repair of heavy equipment, heating and air conditioning systems, manufacturing machinery, industrial power plants and many other things required in the industrial world.

It is their job to make sure the company’s electrical system is running efficiently and is safe. When working on new construction, they will install and test new systems and equipment.

An industrial electrician must have extra training and be highly skilled to work in this category. They also must be able to read blueprints, follow diagrams of wiring and circuits and use a wide assortment of diagnostic and hand tools required for different types of equipment.

6. Electric High-Voltage Distribution System Protection Electrician

Basically, this electrician must be highly trained regarding the maintenance of power plants, overhead, underground and other central electrical systems. This means they will be working with electrical systems that have charges over 600 volts.

These electricians are working in dangerous jobs which are needed in every state because electricity is needed to help maintain utilities, transportation, and other infrastructures.


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