5 Advantages of Using a Media Production Company to Film an Event


Video marketing is one of the best ways to reach out to potential customers, with being able to capture your product effectively equally as important. But what if your product is a live event? An experience that only those in attendance can truly appreciate?

Luckily being able to capture all of the moments from your seminars, musical performances, shows, and other in-person events has become increasingly easier with the advances in video and audio technology. But this isn’t a job for a mere amateur, especially when reaching out to new customers.

We’ll cover five of the best reasons to hire a media production company when recording your live event, highlighting all of the exclusive benefits that come with professional experience.

1. Audio

One of the biggest differences between amateur-style videos, and the production value you get from a professional, is the quality representation of live audio. While picture quality gets all of the publicity when it comes to recordings, audio plays an equal (if not more important) role in the effectiveness of your videos.

With professionals you can be sure to have all the appropriate equipment and personnel to capture all the sounds from your event. Whether it is lavalier or lapel microphones, boom mics, or a mixing board, you’ll need all the right gear to get the job done.

2. Picture

Of course, picture quality can’t be left unmentioned in terms of the one-two punch combo of audio/visual productions. While consumer grade cameras have come a long way in the past 15 years, it’s hard to compare to the production quality of a cinema grade camera.

While your own personal DLSR camera may seem good enough, they will ultimately pale in comparison to a professional grade camera. The ability to have variable lenses, superior on board audio, sensors with more dynamic range and resolution, and all of the other features you get for the (hefty) price tag of a cinema quality camera, will prove essential.

Nothing is more off putting than an indecipherable picture when viewing a video, so your teenage neighbor and his iPhone shouldn’t suffice when putting together a video of your live event.

3. Professional Crew

While we mentioned above that the equipment provided by a production company is extremely important when guaranteeing the quality of your videos, the people behind the camera are equally important.

Having a competent and professional crew can add a tremendous amount of value to your video recordings, according to Band of Outsiders. Camera and audio operation is a highly technical skill, one that shouldn’t be left to anyone unfamiliar with the equipment.

In addition to the proper execution of the camera and audio gear, you’ll also get the speed and expertise of those operating them, which is especially important during a live event. Nothing will be more upsetting than missing a unique and memorable moment from your live show, solely because your camera operator was busy figuring out how to attach a lens.

4. Post Production and Editing

So you have successfully recorded your live event. Your picture and audio look great, but what do you do now? Well obviously there are some steps between recording the event, and it being ready to be shared with the world.

Having the assistance in piecing together your audio and visuals, while being able to add in all the supplementary post-production, is the final step in the process. Unfortunately iMovie may not suffice when piecing everything together. Adding in music, adjusting audio levels, making cuts and transitions, and many otherwise unnoticed things in editing, are definitely a job for the properly trained.

Production companies will usually offer their services, or can point you in the direction of someone who can piece together your video in a timely and professional manner.

5. Ease

Overall, a production companies greatest quality is that of stress reliever. You are putting together your own live event and dealing with all of those logistics, acting as producer and director of the recording will be an unsuccessful venture.

Producing a high quality and memorable video is very difficult, and it is one of life’s tasks worth leaving to someone who is properly trained.


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