8 Crucial Reasons Your Company’s Phones Should Be Up-to-Date


In this day and age, it is essential that each company employee have a smartphone. However, if they are using outdated technology, this can severely hinder their performance. There are many crucial reasons your company’s phones should be up to date.

1- Outdated Software

There are amazing phone applications such as calculators, global positioning systems, and word processors. However, using outdated software will set you back in the workspace. Keep your phones up to date with the latest applications for maximum productivity. Because this directly contributes to your company’s success, there should be no hesitation to a contribution to better performance. You will be able to complete tasks more efficiently and find new ways to use these improved applications.

2- Compatibility

If some employees are using older phones and some are using newer phones, they might not be compatible with each other. Making calls and trading information is not always possible when phones are running different software. Even if they are equipped with the same software, they need to be of similar versions. Most major businesses update their software as it is released, so to stay on track with these powerhouses, you should update in a similar timeframe.

3- Faster Updates

If you postpone an update to the phones, it will take an excessive amount of time. The software needs to download many patches of data, which can take upwards of two hours. One the other hand, being prompt with these updates will split these downloads into five minute chunks. Your employees won’t be out of cellular access for hours on end.

4- Marketing Purposes

Boasting that your company uses certain versions of up to date software is a marketing strength. If you have to concede that your phones are older, it does not look as impressive at a convention or conference. Update all the phones of your business and proudly declare that you are a technologically savvy entity.

5- Business Relations

When your employees are logging down important contacts at a conference, you don’t want their phones to be lagging behind. Update the company’s phones to make note taking faster than ever. The other party won’t have to wait for the screen to load, and your workers will be able to keep the conversation going.

6- Discontinued Software

Not only can software become outdated, but it can become discontinued completely. If you find that an application is no longer available, you can easily download a substitute at home. However, if you make this realization during an important meeting, you will be in a state of panic with no backup plan. Updating phones beforehand will avoid this catastrophe.

7- Discontinued Phone Numbers

Between area codes, prefixes, and extensions, phone numbers are always changing. “To keep up with the times in terms of contact information, you need to update phones frequently,” said Global Telecom Brokers. Calling a discontinued number is a disaster if you are trying to get ahold of a very important person. Some companies associate numbers with new models of phones. By keeping your own phones up to date, you will always know the optimal number to call.

8- Better Sized Phones

With each new model, companies refine the size of their phones. In the 2010s, this frequently implied smaller phones that fit in the palm of your hand. Today, carriers continued to contour phones to make them more comfortable and more portable overall. If your workers move around on the job, they can greatly benefit from compact phones that don’t intrude their actions throughout the day.

Smartphones are some of the greatest inventions in recent years. By keeping your company’s phones up to date, you can harness the full power of these devices and make your company a success. When new updates arise, immediately download them and inform your employees of these important changes.


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