7 Ways to Display Your Military Service Ribbons


Military service ribbons are some of the most prestigious awards known to mankind. Displaying them in a prominent fashion will allow others to recognize your accomplishments and lead to conversations about the military. Different types of displays are the most apt for different situations.

1- Shirts

Attaching your military service ribbons on a shirt is a straightforward display. Because it is on the upper half of your body, people will be able to see it in all contexts. You can use front pockets or collars to pin ribbons and make them stand out from the rest of your apparel. At a gathering with other military individuals, they will be able to recognize the purpose and cause of each ribbon.

2- Pants

You can also display military service ribbons on your pants. This is a more subtle display that could be appropriate for large conventions or business meetings. If people are interested in the ribbons, they can ask questions without it being the complete center of attention. In addition, pants often consist of fabrics that are more

3- Bulletin Board

In your office, displaying military service ribbons on a bulletin board is a smart move. These boards are easy to pack up and move, so you won’t have to worry about transitioning to a new workspace. You can either use thin pins to hang ribbons or pin the fabric itself to the board. With the sharpest pins on the market, you won’t have to worry about leaving any permanent marks. Pin the ribbons by size, color, or genre on the board. When there is a pattern to the arrangement, it is easier to identify categories of the different ribbons.

4- Car Dashboard

If your military service ribbons are replaceable or temporary, consider displaying them on your car dashboard. You can hang them from the mirror without distracting your eyes from the road. When people pass by your car, they will immediately see your achievements from a distance. Make sure that your ribbons do not consist of certain metals that can heat up and distort in the sun.

5- Cover of Laptop

Stick military service ribbons on the cover of your laptop if it is an appropriate material. When you are doing work in public spaces, people will be able to see your ribbons. This is an excellent way to start conversations with other individuals who have served in the military. While it might seem like posting a ribbon on an ordinary object is a strange move, it shows true dedication. Integrating these ribbons in your everyday life shows how genuine your commitment to the military is.

6- Container or Box

Setting up a special container for your military service ribbons is another approach, according to Insignia Depot. While they will not be readily visible, you can set up immaculate arrangements and patterns. Once the box is complete, you can decorate it and show even more respect toward these ribbons. When guests visit your home, open the container and explain the contents methodically. This venerable setup will demonstrate that these are prized possessions and reflect your hard work to earn them.

7- 3D Object

Instead of putting your military service ribbons inside a box, set up a cylinder or cube and pin them on the surface. Again, store this object in a safe environment for future reference. You can simultaneously have a beautiful design and keep them in a private space. Because many ribbons are the product of hard work, it is completely understandable if you want to maintain this sanctity.

Military service ribbons are universally recognized as great achievements. When you display them in a fashionable manner, you create esteem and respect for the process of acquiring them. Regardless of whether you are private or public about this subject, you can display your ribbons and take great pride in doing so.


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