What to Consider Before Ordering a Company Uniform


The right uniform presents an overall more professional image for any company. Since that uniform is the most visible statement the company makes to the public, choosing it carefully is of paramount importance.

What statement will your uniform choice make? Using the helpful guide below will help tremendously with this image-building task.


Colors should be the first decision choice. There are well-documented studies about how people respond to colors. You can read an example of this intrinsic characteristic here, https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/habits-not-hacks/201408/color-psychology-how-colors-influence-the-mind.

Color choice should generally reflect the nature of the business conducted. Use subtle, more sedate colors for more serious businesses like banking, investing and medically-related businesses.

Use brighter colors for businesses focused on food and entertainment. Service industry business colors are generally more varied depending upon the nature of the service.


Make sure the uniform company has enough sizing flexibility to accommodate different body types. Nothing says ‘tacky’ like a uniform that is tight and form fitting, or one that is so baggy it barely hangs on the body.


Select a uniform made from material that is comfortable to wear. Avoid clothing material that some people are allergic to, or tends to create other kinds of wearable discomfort.

Make sure the uniforms accommodate work movements. The shirts should have plenty of room in the shoulders. Make sure the crotch has sufficient bending and stooping room. These two details can make all the difference in the comfort level experienced by wearers.


Styling, like fit, is one of the most noticeable uniform features. Choose a style that both reflects professionalism, the industry to which it belongs and a style that best reflects the company image.

It is not usually a good idea to get too flamboyant with company uniform styling unless yours is a clown company or a gaggle of ‘super stars’ cutting their own paths at the expense of the company image.


Durability is a key uniform detail, especially if the work done in them is strenuous, repetitive or causes the worker to come into repeated contact with hard or rough surfaces.

Durability also determines replacement rate, and uniform replacement directly impacts company expense. Make durability an important uniform consideration when comparing uniform companies. Select a uniform that will withstand the rigors of the work done while wearing it.

Company Image

Keep in mind the overall company profile the company presents to the public. Uniform features like wrinkle-resistant fabric, double-stitching and color coordination must be considered.

Limit the possible company color combinations to only two or three colors, and restrict how they can be combined. For instance, color contrast is more noticeable than a monochromatic color scheme. Use the main company colors with all the possible color combinations to reflect company unity to the public.

For instance, if company colors are gray, black and white, select different top and bottom combinations featuring these company colors. Learn more about how uniforms affect company image here, https://asashop.org/blog/how-uniforms-help-build-your-brand/.

Cost Comparison

As with every company expenditure, always remain cost-conscious. Compare all costs including initial investment, servicing the uniforms, replacement and redesign costs.

It is advisable to look at and compare the process and expense of updating uniforms every three to five years. Doing so says to the customer that the company remains current and is striving to be better at what it does.


Keeping the above standards in mind can greatly enhance uniform attractiveness and make this important company detail much easier to manage.


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