7 Reasons Sports are Imperative to Your Child’s Development


Parents may see sports as a fun extracurricular activity that their children do after school. Some parents do not even bother to involve their children in sports deeming it as something that is not of great importance. This, however, is not true. Sports play a huge role in the life and development of a child. They can hardly be substituted with anything else.

Develops Persistence and Discipline

In sports, it is natural for constructive criticism to take place. Sports coaches are an important authority in the child’s life. Learning to listen and trust their coaches as someone with more experience teaches children the importance of cooperation and respect for authority. It also teaches children the necessary discipline it takes to receive criticism positively for personal improvement and the reaching of personal goals. The will to succeed and be better also develops their willpower and motivation that later spill into other areas of children’s lives. These skills of persistence, working towards one’s goals and reaping the rewards of dedicated work pay off later in life.

Develops Their Self Esteem

Participation in a group activity and improving individual performance raises the confidence of children. Sports build a sense of identity and participation in something big which is an important factor for the development of a healthy ego.

Better Mood

Practicing leaves children feeling pleasantly tired. After practice, the body feels more relaxed and any tension is utilized by the muscles. Children feel good when they are involved with something that they love. This is especially important for older children that are at risk of being influenced to take various illegal substances. When they are busy with something they love, they will be protected from straying aside with bad behaviors and companies.

Better Body Composition

Children who are regularly involved in sports have more muscle mass and less body fat. This leaves them with better overall health, body composition and weight.

Bone Strength

Playing sports increases bone strength and improves bone health. Regular vigorous physical activity boosts bone density. Movement and physical activity promote the release of growth hormone which helps the bone grow and develop to its optimum size.

Building a Positive Sense of Competition

Playing sports is about striving to win. It is also about learning to lose. It is one of the most important lessons in life that children learn, and sports is the best way to learn it quickly. In sports, children learn to embrace their mistakes and improve upon them in order to move forward. This breaks the fear and anxiety that comes from anticipating losses and teaches children to always go for new things without fear.

Forming Friendships

Instead of staying in front of a computer at home all day, children that play sports spend time with their peers doing something meaningful together. This builds a sense of teamwork and friendship that sometimes lasts for life.

Utilizing Sports for Children

Playing sports is an important part of a child’s life. The effects of this will be felt in their health, psychology and social life throughout their adulthood. Take this chance to enroll your child in a sport that they will enjoy, and give them a good start in all areas of their life.


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