4 Great Advantages of Using a Home Care Service for Elderly Parents


Life expectancy has increased with better medical care and reduced fertility rates, which have led to an increase in the percentage of elderly population in most developed countries. In the US alone, the percentage of elderly people is now at 13% with at least 7.6 of the chronic and permanently disabled receiving homecare services. We all would love to take care of our elderly loved ones, but that would mean we leave our jobs, duties and other responsibilities. There are therefore several benefits that come with using home care services for your elderly parents.

1- Financial Benefits

Home care services will cost you less than it would to care for your elderly and perhaps ailing loved one at a nursing institution. You are able to manage your finances, look for an affordable home care nurse or agent who will be willing to work within the confines of your budget. You are also given the freedom to go on with your duties and responsibilities; fending for your family. On average it costs $22.37 per hour to provide home care that is according to the National Private Duty Association. This is among the overly priced care services so you can expect to find low priced services if you have money constraints. However, as time passes the physical needs can change and increase which can lead to the costs of providing care increasing.

2- Quality of Care

Your elderly loved one is able to get personalized care. The home caregiver or nurse can be stationed at your home with your loved one on a full-time basis. You will definitely pay a premium for it, but it is worth it. The home caregiver understands their work since they are trained to provide care for the elderly. Depending on your duties and time limitations you might not be in a position to provide that care on your own despite the fact you love them. As opposed to being in an institution where one nurse is responsible for close to three to seven persons, home care services offers an opportunity to offer a one on one care with only one caregiver attending to your elderly parents.

3- Peace of Mind

There is nothing more valuable than having peace of mind both for you and your elderly loved one. You are assured of their safety, security; they are in a familiar environment. Your elderly parents are also aware that they are being assisted at home where their family and loved ones are instead of being taken to an institution where they tend to get lonely. They don’t feel neglected so they can age and recover in peace. It aids their recovery if they are ailing. Being around familiar and friendly faces adds to the happiness of their fragile hearts. It can be more lonely and destitute if they are ailing from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, they can always be in a state of confusion and disillusionment. It can also be challenging for you as a family to schedule frequent visits and having to introduce yourself all the time.

4- Family Participation

You can expect to get participatory help from your family members. When you are off duty or during holidays, you can relieve the caregiver and opt to provide the care together as a family. Your elderly parents feel loved, cared for and appreciated. You can have scheduled routines for everyone in the family to provide care. Family get-togethers is fun; you can hold thanksgiving holidays and other important family events without them feeling left out. Your elderly parents are part of your wider family, and they should be involved in family events, home care offers you that option.

We love our elderly parents, and we want to offer them as good care as they did to us when we were growing up. Unfortunately, time, duty and responsibilities get in the way of fulfilling our will. Home care services offer a remedy to our problems. You can still provide care to your parents in the comfort of their homes where they will feel loved and appreciated. You get to save a few bucks to cater for their medication and other needs. You also get to supervise the kind of care services they are receiving since you are close enough to monitor it.


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