Top 3 Benefits of a Vitamin B-12 Shot


Methylcobalamin, better known as B-12 is a natural water-soluble vitamin that is quite common and found in many foods. These foods primarily consist of animal product foods. Despite the fact that it can be sourced in many foods, a deficiency of this vitamin is quite common. In fact, a medical study that is often referenced by professionals in the field indicates that nearly 40% of America has levels that are at or below the bottom side of average.

B-12 is often considered the wonder vitamin. It serves to strengthen and enhance so many facets of the human body. This vitamin is deemed to have a pivotal role in a person’s circulation, brain functioning, metabolism, immune system, and preservation of healthy DNA.

According to Oregon State University , there are several reasons a person might become deficient in vitamin B-12. Elderly individuals and vegans are the most prone to deficiency, though. An individual lacking vitamin B-12 might experience several different symptoms. These may include:

Weakness, tiredness, or dazedness

Heart palpitations and shortness of breath

Fair skin

A smooth tongue

Constipation, looseness of the bowels, change in appetite, or gas

Nerve issues like deadness or shivering, muscle weakness, and issues walking

Vision problems

Mental issues like depression, memory loss, mood swings, or behavioral changes

If you feel you may have a deficiency, there are many benefits to receiving a vitamin B-12 shot. They are commonly given once a week, and because they are water-soluble, they are extremely safe. Amongst the multitude of benefits to receiving a vitamin B-12 shot, here are what some might consider the top three.

According to Med Supply Store, “The most common benefit of a vitamin B-12 shot is to combat fatigue.” Physicians have claimed the advantages of vitamin B-12 to fight fatigue since 1952. It has a long-standing and proven ability to give a person more energy while also helping to regulate their sleep. In countless studies, individuals given vitamin B-12 injections showed much more positive results than those given a placebo. After receiving a vitamin B-12 shot, you can expect a normal appetite, increased stamina, increased energy, and possible weight loss if you are overweight. If you find yourself tired even after regular sleep or unable to perform physically at your peak, you may need a vitamin B-12 shot.

Another large benefit of a vitamin B-12 shot is to combat depression. The fact that vitamin B-12 has such an effect on cognitive ability is never more apparent than it’s signs of deficiency. Besides the inability to concentrate and focus, low levels of vitamin B-12 can cause severe depression. A weekly vitamin B-12 shot can give you a more positive outlook on life. In addition to a more chipper attitude, you can expect an ability to focus and concentrate. If you are feeling down or unable to focus, you should consider a vitamin B-12 shot.

Finally for the third and least known benefit of a vitamin B-12 shot. A shot of vitamin B-12 can reduce the risk of stroke and heart disease. Homocysteine is an amino acid that is naturally found in the blood. Although it is typically not unhealthy, higher levels have been linked to increased blood pressure, stroke, and heart disease. Several factors contribute to Homocysteine levels, but the two largest are genetics and diet. Vitamin B-12 helps to metabolize Homocysteine and reduce the concentrations in a person’s blood. Since the primary source of vitamin B-12 naturally is in animal product foods, cholesterol can be a very major concern for those wishing to protect their heart. A vitamin B-12 shot should be considered when trying to reduce blood pressure, prevent a stroke, or decrease the chance of heart disease.


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