3 Easy Ways to Find Unique Clothing Online


Finding unique clothing online takes a little bit of creativity in order to land the most stylish pieces. These pieces are not only harder to find because they are one-of-a-kind, they tend to sell lightning fast because buyers cannot get them in their wardrobe fast enough. While you are wasting time looking around, the piece you really wanted disappears from the inventory and you start your search all over again.

In order to secure these pieces, you have to be smarter, faster, and more creative, than all the other shoppers looking for the same unique pieces of clothing.

The following 3 easy ways to find unique clothing will help to get those pieces of apparel into your closet in short order;

1. Getting More Specific With Online Searches

When you are making an online search for vintage clothing, don’t be surprised when the search engines return over 10 million results. Good luck scrolling through those countless pages to find unique clothing online. Now if you narrow down the search for a vintage Hawaiian pink floral dress, chances are you will only have a few pages to scroll through. Place the search term in quotes and you further narrow down the search to only listings with that exact phrase in the listing. Similar to shopping at the thrift store, you don’t waste time looking through racks of clothing that aren’t your size, you gravitate to the racks with clothing close to your size.

Use the same mentality when shopping for unique clothing online. Be more specific about what you are looking for by including the color and size, and you will be lead directly to the promised land.

2. Searching Only Thumbnail Images

When time is an issue, you want to locate these pieces of vintage clothing before someone else has the chance. Once you locate a website that sells vintage and unique clothing, switch to thumbnail view if possible to speed up the search. Rather than scrolling through pages of listings, the thumbnail view allow you to see what pieces you would eliminate in a flash. If the piece of clothing does not catch you eye, move to the next thumbnail.

Once you spot a piece of unique clothing that catches you eye because of the cut, pattern, and color, then you can stop and take a closer look. Go with your gut and you will be drawn right to the pieces that will look stunning in your closet. Get on a mailing list of a site that has unique clothing you love to get that heads up when new stuff arrives.

3. Choosing a Cut Larger

While searching for your unique clothing online, there will come a time when the piece you fall in love with is off by a size or two. Although you love the piece, a good rule of thumb here is to always choose the larger size if possible. With unique clothing, you can not return the piece if it doesn’t fit, so increase the chances that you will use the piece by getting it bigger rather than smaller. When you purchase a piece of vintage clothing that is a size bigger, you can always make alterations so it fits perfectly. The same can not be said for the smaller piece, you can not add material to something to make it bigger.

It is also a great idea to recognize which cuts flatter your unique body style and stick with what works rather than trying to reinvent the wheel. You fall in love with a piece and decide even though it is small, you’ll make it work. Once you own it and see how uncomfortable you feel, it winds up getting donated or given to a friend. Don’t be swayed by certain patterns that you may never see again because if it doesn’t fit, you’re just torturing yourself.

Shopping for unique clothing online can be fun and exciting if you are taking the time to look for these pieces the right way. Get caught up in the hunt, and another person will snatch up your pieces before you have the chance to click the mouse. Once you utilize these three tips, finding those unique pieces of clothing will be a breeze.


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