4 Easy Ways to Use Your Pet’s Picture as Part of Your Home Décor


Everyone’s favorite pet deserves a special place in the home with art and decoration. Instant photos, handmade paintings and glass etchings are a just a few of the many ways to show off your favorite animal.

1- Fine Art

From artsy murals to stunning painted canvases, fine art is the perfect way to bring images of your pet into your home. Whether you hire an illustrator or commission a local artist from a craft fair, it’s easy to obtain personalized art that will make your home amazing. If you have a local pet-friendly craft fair, you might just find the perfect artist for your next pet portrait.

The best part about displaying specially-created art of your pet in the house is that you can make sure the image matches your decor. Whether your home includes leather couches and mauve walls or a bright blue carpet with plastic storage containers, you can easily commission a piece that matches your style. “No matter what color palette you choose, it’s easy to see how special a handmade image of your dog, cat, bird or goldfish can be for the entire family,” said Pop Your Pup!.

2- Instant Film

Instant film is trendier than ever. Polaroid and Fujifilm Instax are a couple of the most popular options if you’d like to get a chic yet old-fashioned camera and take charming photos. Instant photos are great because they help you capture a genuine, candid moment without photo-editing or cropping. Additionally, you won’t have to mess with printers or ink.

It’s no question that pet ownership is a great choice for all ages, especially when you get to make your living space look great too. There are all kinds of ways to display your instant photos throughout the home, so you can incorporate your pets everywhere. From simple magnetic frames for the fridge to highly-organized photo grids on the wall, your pets and home will never look better.

If you have kids at home, they’ll love taking photos of the pets and instantly seeing the results. This is a great summer project if you’d like to decorate your home with candid photos while the kids are on summer break. Although instant film is more expensive compared to the thousands of photos that fit on the memory card of a digital camera, it’s a great exercise in both patience and focus.

3- Glass Etchings

For some homes, glass etchings are the perfect way to prevent young children or anyone with a clumsy streak from running into sliding glass doors. When cleaned completely, it’s easy to miss the pane of glass standing right in front of you. Ornate glass etchings keep even the clumsiest of homeowners from running into glass, all while looking extra beautiful.

Additionally, etched glass provides some privacy while also letting light in, just like frosted glass. To impress guests and other visitors, you might consider etching the glass by your front door with a picture of your beloved pet, if you happen to have a small window suitable for such efforts. With glass etchings, you’ll easily come home from a long day to a beautiful front door or entryway, decorated with your favorite furry friend in the family.

4- Wall Decals

Custom-made wall decals are the perfect way to make a bold statement with your pet. To get the perfect silhouette, takes tons of pictures! You can never have too many options to choose from. If you have a graphic designer friend or are computer savvy yourself, you can easily turn a picture into a silhouette with advanced photo-editing software. You may have to take your time cropping out the background, but you’ll soon wind up with the perfect solid image to turn into a vinyl cut-out.

Wall decals work well for any room in the home, whether it’s the kid’s room or the kitchen. Both quirky and fun, these accessories are easily removable so you don’t have to worry about long-term damage to your home. When it comes to showing off your pet, wall decals are a fun solution. Whether you live with a Pomeranian or a leopard gecko, these tips will undoubtedly transform your home into a fun and welcoming environment.


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