5 Benefits of Being Patriotic


Being patriotic has to do with loving and showing dedication towards one’s country. Patriotism is depicted in numerous ways, ranging from dedication towards serving one’s nation to being a fully law-abiding citizen who pursues the best interests of one’s country. For a citizen upholding their patriotism for a nation, they can accrue numerous benefits. Here are the five most likely benefits that a patriotic citizen would most likely experience.




Being patriotic towards one’s own nation is beneficial as it motivates an individual towards undertaking their day to day activities. The self-motivation gained thereof is highly important in facilitating their self-fulfillment. For citizens who find being patriotic as an obligation, fulfilling this obligation is highly important as it gives them a sense of inner confidence. In addition, such fulfillment is also essential in maintaining the person’s level of productivity towards the nation. The self-motivation that comes with being patriotic is also important in ensuring that the citizen upholds the law at all times, therefore making them a law-abiding citizen would most likely evade all possible elements of contravening the law through committing of offences.




Patriotism also drives one’s incentives towards contributing positively towards their nation’s economic performance. In most cases, such nations having patriotic people often have the said people work hard towards the economic prosperity of their country. When the economic profile of a country flourishes, it is most certain that the livelihoods of the patriotic citizens would also flourish. President Reagan used this concept of relationship between patriotism and productivity to evoke and appeal to US citizens to become increasingly economically patriotic by doing something for their country. It was for productivity, according to the New York Times, that President Kennedy aired his famous appeal on citizens to “Ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country.” His appeal was meant to promote the productivity of the patriotic citizens.


Promotes Better Governance


Patriotism when rightly implemented and applied, can promote good governance. Ideally, patriotic citizens often work towards ensuring that their country is well governed. Ideally, such levels of patriotism are often evidenced in situations where citizens can stand out against social upheavals such as corruption and bad governance. It is for patriotism, for instance, that Martin Luther King fought so hard to promote values of equality across all races in the US. Those who worked so hard with him now enjoy a racism-free society where all citizens are regarded as equal.


Enhances Social Cohesion and Peace


Patriotism, when upheld by multiple individuals in the society, or at least the majority, becomes a uniting factor that promotes social cohesion. Patriotic individuals would tend to promote the rule of the law when it comes to conflict resolution, therefore preventing the prospects of taking the law in their own hands. Having a patriotic person in the society is a likely precursor to promote peaceful coexistence in the neighborhood.


Selfless Service to Others and to Country


Patriotism is at the heart of many people’s hearts, especially people who dedicate their lives towards service the nation in one way or another. Citizens taught to be patriotic uphold values consistent with the desire to dedicate their lives in one way or another in selflessly helping others. It is for patriotism that the disciplined forces are able to discharge their responsibilities that they signed up for. Ideally, such service is beneficial to others in numerous ways as it comes in the form of helping those caught up in disasters. Forbes, for instance, ran a story on the high levels of patriotism that the young in the society have been trained to uphold. The selfless young marines, in this regard, are taught to dedicate their lives towards national service. Such service is evidenced when the army is called to defend the nation, bringing national security.


Patriotism, therefore, is a value that is highly beneficial to oneself as well as to the rest of the members of the society. Upholding values of patriotism ensures that one can actively contribute towards the social-economic development of the society both at the local as well as at the national level.


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