5 Great Items for your Fall Wardrobe


The fall season is when you begin to see warmer colors with almost everything in the closet, such as jackets, shirts, and pants. If you haven’t updated your closet in some time, there are some items that you’ll want to include for the fall season so that you’re stylish and comfortable. These essential items can easily be paired with other pieces in your wardrobe so that you have several outfits to wear without spending a lot of money.

Basic Pants

Your wardrobe can never have too many pairs of basic pants. You need at least a few pairs of black pants, such as a pair for dressing up and a pair that you can relax in while at home or running errands. You should also include a pair of brown and gray pants as these are colors that can go with just about any color top that you have. Cinch pants are also a good option for the fall season. They have a drawstring in them that makes the pants comfortable for any occasion.

Shoulder Bags

One or two shoulder bags will probably be enough for the fall season, but you want to make sure they are large enough for the items that you keep with you. The fall season often brings more illnesses, so you should have room for tissues and other items that you might need to keep the hands and nose clean. A bag with a shorter shoulder strap is a new trend for wardrobes. It’s easier to carry and keep next to your body instead of the longer strap that might allow for the bag to get caught on something while you’re walking.

Romantic Dresses

With the holidays, special occasions and cooler weather in the fall, you should include a few romantic dresses in your wardrobe. These are soft dresses that are designed with lighter shades and gentle patterns, such as flowers. Most have long sleeves, but some have delicate shoulder sleeves that look like ruffles. This design allows you to pair the dress with a sweater or jacket on fall days that are cool. Another item that you want to include in your fall wardrobe is a skirt. Black and brown are colors for the fall season that you can match with shirts or blouses of any color. With the right shoes, you can have several outfits using only two or three base pieces of clothing.


No wardrobe is complete in the fall without a pair of boots or even two or three pairs. The boots that you add to your wardrobe should be of different designs. You’re going to want a pair that is softer to wear with leggings or jeans that have a tighter leg. A pair of boots that are a bit taller that reach to the calf could also be added as these are ideal for long skirts. Shorter boots are an option to have if you enjoy wearing jeans with a wider leg.

Wrap Coats
Stay warm in the fall with a wrap coat. It’s a simple design with a belt that you can wrap around the waist. The coat is usually long, covering most of the legs to allow for more warmth in the fall. A benefit of this kind of coat is that you can wear it tied around the waist or left untied if you want to display your outfit. A coat or two in black, gray or brown allows you to have options when you don’t want to wear a bulky coat or a thin sweater but still need to stay warm when you’re outside.


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