6 Great Reasons to Have an Elevator in Your House


Constructing your own home can be such a great achievement, one that most people yearn. Engineering technology has contributed heavily to the standard features that most homes today come with. In addition to having fancy furniture, modern-day standard homes are incorporated with other luxurious features such as excellent lighting and good landscaping. Of late, the inclusion of elevators in homes has become an adorable feature that most people have resulted pursue.

Gone are the days when elevators were only found in tall buildings, large malls and skyscrapers. Having an elevator in your house can be such a fancy feature that is beneficial and advantageous in many ways. Here are 6 great reasons as to why you should consider installing an elevator in your house.

1- Saving on Space

Elevators are designed to be quite compact in terms of the space they occupy. As compared to the volume of material and space occupied by alternatives such as stairwells and staircases, elevators are highly beneficial.  Installing an elevator in your house will save you much space that can be utilized for other purposes such as storage of house accessories.  In addition, elevators can be installed on the external wall of your house, thereby adding to the amount of space you would have in your home for other purposes.

2- Increasing the Value of the Property

Having an elevator installed in your new home also dramatically increases the value of your property. Not many houses today come with such a feature, therefore making the few that have them quite adorable.  The added advantage that comes with the house installed with an elevator in terms of increasing the value of the property makes such a house highly valued in the market.

3- Enhances the Functionality and Comfort of Residents

If your house is fitted with an elevator, it greatly enhances the comfort of persons living therein.  Presence of a functional elevator ensures residents can easily move from one floor of the house to another, thereby saving them much energy and time. The enhanced mobility comes in handy for elderly persons living within the house who would otherwise have a tough time trying to maneuver them away from the top floors and back.  Also, children would have an easy time navigating the house without necessarily risking their lives by climbing through the stairwells where they may encounter minor accidents.

4- Security

A house fitted with an elevator as the only mechanism of accessing upper floors is normally considered much safer.  Standard elevators come with features such as the ability to lock the elevator in position within the upper floor, thereby immobilizing and disabling it from use. In a house fitted with such an elevator, it becomes impossible for intruders to access the upper floors after you lock and immobilize the elevator. This grantees families living on the upper floors of their safety at night when thugs creep into the compound.

5- Makes a Bold Statement of Class

Having an elevator fitted in your house is also beneficial as far as creating a good first impression or class is concerned.  Houses fitted with elevators are normally considered the most luxurious in certain parts of the country.  It, therefore, gives you a sense of pride and respect from persons who visit you since it is a rare feature.  The feeling that comes with your visitors climbing an elevator, to access the upper floors also gives you a sense of pride and achievement while making your home classy.  Elevators can also be customized in terms of the shape, size and external and internal lining.  An elevator lined with mahogany wood appears exotic and classic.

6- Easy to Use While Saving Time

An elevator, in addition to sounding classy and complex, is also significantly easy-to-use.  In most cases, elevators are fitted with simple, well-labeled, and self-explanatory navigation buttons. In addition, the use of an elevator to access upper floors in your house also saves you time and energy especially if you are carrying many items. With an elevator, you can carry such language in one trip as opposed to stairwells where you would have to climb up and down numerous times

In conclusion, installing an elevator in your house is such a fancy idea that is highly beneficial both to yourself and the occupants in the house. Considering installing one would also elevate your social standing among your friends and visitors.


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