6 Reasons You Should Take Your Child Rock Climbing This Weekend


Are you having trouble deciding where to take your child this weekend? What about finding your child something that they will truly be passionate about? After all, the road to a good college is not simply about getting good grades. By helping your child find extracurricular activities that they actually care about, you can ensure that they are fully prepared for collegiate success. It’s never too early to give your child the motivation to succeed!

At the same time, you also want to make sure that the extracurricular activity you choose will not only help your child look impressive to prospective schools, but also help them grow as a person. This is why many parents have their children do activities that are focused on team-building, cooperation and other important skills to learn for success in life.

If you are a parent struggling to come up with something that your kid can do when they’re not studying, you should definitely consider taking your child rock climbing. Whether it’s raining or shining, rock climbing can be a great way to help your child learn about determination and hard work while also maintaining good physical health.

To show you how important rock climbing can be for children, we’ve compiled a list of 6 Reasons You Should Take Your Child Rock Climbing This Weekend:

1. You’ll Get Them to Enjoy Going Outside

Let’s face it—our technological world makes going outside difficult. Despite the fact that going outside is very healthy for you, why would you do that when you can entertain yourself for hours at a time from the comfort of your own home? Technology has undoubtedly influenced how we live our lives, making it necessary to try and get your kids outside as much as possible. Rock climbing can be a great way to motivate them to try new things and go outside more often!

2. Rock Climbing Requires Strong Decisions

Making decisions is an inherently good thing for your child to learn. With so many different types of rocks and grips on any given wall, there is not necessarily one correct way to get to the top. However, your child still has to choose, allowing them to confront what they think is the best decision. Being able to critically analyze situations is an exercise that they will be able to bring to many other parts of their life!

3. Rock Climbing Helps People Confront Their Fears

Though rock climbing is technically safe due to the amount of restraints and precautions taken, it still triggers fear in many people. For children who are hesitant about taking risks, climbing up a large wall can give them strong feelings of insecurity. By bringing them rock climbing, you can get them to confront these fears!


4. You Can Teach Them About Trial and Error

Nobody is good at rock climbing immediately. You must continually try and subsequently fail to get better, an aspect of the sport that can give your child an effective work ethic. This notion of accepting failure will no doubt help them in many other stages of their adolescence!

5. Rock Climbing is Healthy

In terms of activities that help promote physical health, perhaps none are as effective as rock climbing. Rock climbing combines cardio and muscle building to create one of the most unique workouts you can partake in.

6. Your Child Can Socialize

Though rock climbing itself requires a lot of dedication and focus, the moments before and after climbing are often perfect times for socializing and camaraderie. Your child will likely also meet other people their age who are partaking in the sport, allowing them to make new friends!


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