6 Tips for Bringing Montana Style into Your Home


The Treasure State is known for copper, horses, mountains, plains, wheat and its big sky. You might not be able to fit the broad Montana sky into your living room, but here are six tips you can use to bring local Montana beauty to your home’s interior.


Montana is home to many Native Americans and their craftwork and artistry have been handed down for generations. Skillfully crafted beadwork is typically found on dresses, regalia and in the form of medallions or other jewelry. These inspiring designs can be used to embellish upholstery, curtain pullbacks and other textile surfaces in your living area.

Quilts and Blankets

Star quilts are another Western-style textile influenced by Native American design. You can use star quilts, Pendleton blankets and other prints to decorate guest room beds. Modern Native textile artists offer new perspectives on traditional patterns so that you won’t find yourself trapped in a time machine. The designs and patterns on many pieces are inspired by Montana landscapes.

Wet Bar

Beer and whiskey are beverage standards in Big Sky Country. A Montana-style home should include a wet bar, preferably of aged wood. The bar should feature leather chairs and low-light to enhance its warmth during those long, cold winters.

Four-Post Beds

Although you can’t bring the mountains and sky indoors, you can provide yourself and your guests with height and style. Four-post beds are practical. They protect sleepers from drafty wood floors and also provide a place to hang your hat. On the aesthetic side, four-post beds are elegant. Posts can achieve heights of 3 to 5 feet or more. You can find modern and minimalist styles that echo back to the Wild West era without losing modern appeal. If you live in a log home, then yOu can choose traditional styles to highlight your rustic interior.

Modern bedrooms with simple lines and light-colored textiles can be juxtaposed with elaborate fixtures like antique heaters or carved lintels. In this environment, a four-post bed acts as a focal point that binds all of the elements together.

Hot Tubs and Clawfoot Baths

Montana is a land of hot springs and mountains. The combination of steam and snow is part of the land’s natural beauty. An enclosed patio with a hot tub or steam room allows you to enjoy natural-like springs while gazing at nearby foothills. Clawfoot baths are another throw-back to the Wild West, but after a ski or snowshoe a long, hot soak is the perfect way to end a Montana weekend.

Reclaimed Materials

Montana’s resources are one of the many reasons why the state’s population grew rapidly at the turn of the last century. Copper, wood, sapphire and other materials were used in mansions and other homes. Newcomers to Montana can find high-quality wood, stone and leather decor that have withstood time and emit authenticity. Decorating with reclaimed white oak cabinets, sapphire knobs, caribou hide, or eagle feathers are some ways to bring nature and rustic old Montana into your modern home.

Natural stone and precious minerals offset blonde wood as well as dark grained logs. Once you have decided on your home’s style, you will find that many Montana-inspired elements are adaptable to rustic interiors as well as minimalist ones.


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